French Colonial Cap-Haitien a Tourist Magnet

Cap Haitien is one of the most beautiful cities in Haiti. Affronting a bay on the north coast, it is filled with French Colonial buildings, reminiscent of New Orleans in its early days. When Haiti was a protectorate under the French, Cap Haitien was known as Cap Parisien, the Paris of the West.


Hugo Chavez International Airport (HCIA) serves Cap Haitien with flight service supplied by IBC Air, Tortug' Air, Sky King, Turks and Caicos Air, and Pineapple Air. Although HCIA is tiny and offers few amenities, it is being renovated.

Plenty to do and see awaits tourists in the city center. For the best dining experience go to Lakay where they serve authentic Haitian cuisine and French menu items. Visitors, who are planning a stay-over, a range of hotels at varying price levels are available, among them Hostellerie du Roi Christophe, Hotel Mont Joli, and Auberge du Picolet. Cap Haitien is a great walking city, but if you need to travel longer distances you can hail a taxi or a tap-tap.

If you enjoy social drinking and dancing Riarmanita and Deco Bar are the places to hit. Don't forget to order a rum sour, a Cap-Haitien specialty.

For sightseeing, visit the Sans Souci Palace and Citadelle Fortress in the village of Milot. And for beach lovers four of the most popular are Labadie, Paradis, Cormier Plage, and Belli Beach. The locals are welcoming, and will barter with you to grill-up some fresh-caught seafood on the spot.

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