Haiti Latest Anti-Poverty Program not Good Enough Effort

Port-au-Princeans living well below the poverty line in 50 districts are about to become the recipients of the latest anti-poverty program the government of Haiti (GOH) is launching soon. Minister Auguste of Fight Against Extreme Poverty said the anti-poverty initiative would begin with a two month sign-up period, during which a registry database would be created of eligible recipients.


The government of Haiti (GOH) will hand out 50,000 food vouchers to as many homes, as well as 350,000 food aid packages of staple items. The GOH will create 20 community gardens, restore 2,500 houses and produce 1,000 employment opportunities. The program is also targeting 5,000 mothers for other types of aid programs, and 7,000 adults will be given literacy classes.

Minister Auguste issued a challenge to the recipients that they ". . . not only overcome extreme poverty, but be inspired to take part in the fight against it." She added they ". . . should not be mere observers but participants . . ."

Minster Auguste's remarks carry an undercurrent of resentment toward those the GOH professes to help. The GOH anti-poverty program to be implemented in Port-au-Prince is but a drop in the bucket of the excruciating deprivation 54% of Haiti's population suffers under on less than $1.25 a day. The population of Haiti numbers ten million, and of the four anti-poverty initiatives the GOH rolled out in 2012, only 480,000 Haitians received aid relief under the Economic and Social Aid Fund.

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