St. Francois d'Assise in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The Haiti earthquake destroyed many buildings across the island. A large number of these included schools and one among them, still finding it difficult to rebuild after the three years that have passed, is St. François d'Assise.


The school for girls, which is operated by the Sisters of St. François d'Assise, was almost completely destroyed by the quake. This year, the college celebrates its 50th anniversary, stronger, but still crippled by the loss of their technological resources suffered on January 12, 2010.

With a student body of 1,500, the school relies on technology to give an edge to its girls who are often from the strata of the poor, or suffer from learning disabilities. A generous donation from Polish sponsors of 12 Dell computers is currently put to good use, shared by the student body. However, there is a desperate need for 50 additional workstations for the primary and secondary schools of the college St. François d'Assise. Also necessary to equip the school with the vital tools that are synonymous with a sound education today is computer hardware like printers and A/V equipment such as projectors.

The consensus is that, though the repairs to the school's physical structure are almost complete, the college, which has turned out, since its 1963 induction, a bright, charismatic, and learned alumni, cannot be considered whole until it is able to equip all its students with an education in Information Technology.

One former student of St. Francois d'Assise who knows the importance of this area of education invites donations of funds to purchase the necessary materials or scholarships to fund students in need. Those who wish to help may find the details at

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