Haitian Mother would not let children Trick-or-treat on Halloween

We have a dilemma in this house, hoping you will help to bring some light. I have a friend of mine, a "typical Haitian" who is extremely religious. The problem is that she has two young children that she would not let them go out on Halloween to do Trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.


Reasons of mother not wanting her children to "Trick or treat":

"This is not good for children, they are worshiping the devel",

" Sa Se Bagay Djab"

"Sa Se Voodoo"

"Not for people who believe in Jesus like my family"

Reasons of children wanting to "Trick or treat":

"Our Mother is old School "

"This is America and we are Americans"

"All of our friends are going to "Trick or treat" tomorrow and we can't tell them why we did not "Trick or treat"

"Our mother is an embarrassment to us in front of our friends because of her beliefs"


What do you think about this?

Who is right and who is wrong?

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Clory says...

It not fair for us

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Veronique says...

I agreed with

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Jeano says...

I don't think trick or treat is worshiping the devil.

I am Haitian.

I think it's fun for the kids to have candies, that's it. If anybody think differently, too bad.If a parent said for safety matter, it's ok because the whole thing is a matter to collect candy, nothing

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Delva says...

The mother is right not to let her kids out trik or treating because anything can go wrong its celebrating monsters, devil, and all the bad of the

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Rose says...

I also doesnt let my kids trick or treating over neighbors home due to seeing so much has happened over the years, yes as Haitian we don't participate, but some people take those opportunities to do evil, poison the kids, and even dress in certain customs to lure your kids to their homes the Child

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