Atik 12 El Rancho pa ka aplike, Problem sou Problem

The El Rancho Accord

Meznmi, ki lè problem ap fini nan payi sa? Me konyè-a mwen tande ke Prezidan Martelly pa ka mete an aplikasyon atik 12 nan Accord ki te fet nan El Rancho Hotel la.

Mwen fini pa ouè ke dlo pran acord sa oui.

Gouvenman-an te panse li te kapab bay Sena sa yon kout pwin anba tivant lè ke yo mete ke si Sena-a pa ratifye El Rancho accord a nan 10 jou, yappe passe yon vitess sipeyè et organize eleksyon an kan minm.

Denye infomasyon ki tombe et dapre parol ke bon jan sous bay, yon sel facon pou yo aplike atik 12 sa se pou tout pati yo ki te signin mete yo dakor. Si yon nan pati yo ki te sinyin Acor El Rancho pa dakor, yo pa ka mete Atik 12 la an aplikasyon.Se sa yon sous pre the group Episcopal Conference avek Professè Rosny Desroches di

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Simon Dieuseul Desras using Trickery to avoid signing accord

Senator Simon Desras is trying to get out of signing the Inter-Haitian Agreement by saying his role is that of a witness, parlance for non-existence status. He is being pressured on one side to sign as an Independent Observer (IO) by the Episcopal Conference of Haiti (CEH), and not to sign by six of his senate colleagues.

The mediation protocol states political parties, the legislature, and executive are all stakeholders to the Inter-Haitian Agreement. But Desras disagrees, claiming the Agreement is a consensus only between political parties and the executive.

The CEH says Desras is wrong on two counts: one, Parliament is also a signee of the Agreement, and two, Desras is an IO, not a witness. As an IO, he participates indirectly in the discussion, forwarding his opinions to the Mediator.

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Did Haitian parliament negotiate out its relevance in new accord?

The El Rancho Accord

I guess anything can be negotiated. According to the new accord reached at El Rancho Hotel in Port-au-Prince on March 14, 2014, The Haitian Parliament, including the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies have exactly 10 Days to vote or amend the Electoral law. Now, knowing what we know about our beloved Haitian parliament, how likely is that to happen?

This is a new way to govern in Haiti, by accord.

Mezanmi, ki sa nou panse de sa? Eske se yon bon bagay pou accor-a bay Paleman seleman 10 jours pou yo passe Lwa, pandan ke nou konnin sa pap janm fet?

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