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Auguste Duverger (Pouchon) Collapsed on podium while performing

The lead singer of the musical group Djakout # 1 collapsed and became unconscious during a performance in the city of Borgne, in the the North Department. This took place yesterday where the Group Djakout #1 was performing in its traditional show in Borgne. It was reported that the singer suffered from a discomfort as he was performing and became unconscious in front of his colleagues who did not know what to do. It was reported that Pouchon regained consciousness just few minutes after but was taken to a local hospital in the area for observation.

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Individuals burned materials in 4 voting centers in Borgne

8:30AM: It has been reported that in Borgne, North department individuals burned materials in 4 voting centers. as a result, there are currently not municipal election in several voting center in Borgne. bandit sat on fires material that were headed to those centers.

As a result, people scheduled to vote at these specific locations will not be able to vote today for municipal candidates. The CEP made arrangement for them to vote for the President but not until 1:00AM. The municipal election will be conducted at a later date

So far the day has been running smoothly in most parts of the country. However there were problems observed in the following areas: Major delay in Voting Center at Argentine Bellegarde School. Reason: Materials such as inks, ballots are already in place. However, there are no tables or chairs to place the materials. All the personnel is present. This is two hours of delay. The voters are outside waiting

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The town of Borgne known for simplicity

Haiti's Nord Department is the site of the most beautiful and breath-taking coastal cities and towns in the country. One of these is the small town of Borgne, known for its simplicity and its captivating beaches, as well as its thick flora and fauna. It is about 45 kilometres from the city of Cap-Haitien, the Nord Department's centre and capital.

Borgne, also referred to as Au Borgne, is home to about 60,000 Haitians that mainly rely on agriculture and fishery as their sources of income. The most common produce in the town are bananas, cocoa, coffee, and oranges. It has a library, a theatre, and a small hospitals sponsored by the Haitian government.

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