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Haitians quietly adjusting to the collapsed Bridge on Route 9

Take a look of the collapsed Bridge On Route 9 over Riviere Grise. This bridge that collapsed few months ago has not been fixed. It joins one of the most frequented roads in Haiti. Because of it importance in transportation, many cars and trucks have taken their chances by crossing the river. Also there is also an opportunity in any situation. Some local people are now charging a fee to transport people over their back from one side of riviere Grise to the other. Onced more this demonstrates the tolerance of the Haitian people and the indifference of their authorities.

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A bridge along Route 9 in Cite Soleil has collapsed

The disasters in Haiti do not stop happening, it is one after another. From the week beginning March to March 19, 2016, from Police shooting to gas station exploding in Hinche, now a bridge along Route 9 in Cite Soleil collapsed. Here are some of the pictures

What do you think?

Public transportation, as it is understood in the U.S and other civilized countries, does not exist in Haiti and disasters never stop here. Recently, on Friday, March 18, 2016, a bridge (Wout Nave Bridge) on Rivière Grise on Route 9, connecting Cité Soleil to the National #1, partially collapsed while a truck was passing carrying gravel over the bridge. This recent disaster is an example of poor quality craftsmanship and supervision and that indicates how the public money in Haiti is managed. The bridge was built to support a load of 20 tons only. However, a primary investigation suggests that the possible cause of the collapse could be the stolen bolts of the bridge which were found missing. The bridge was damaged by the recent hurricane as well.

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