Should we trust Presidential polling in Haiti

I am going crazy trying to figure out who is ahead and who is pulling behind in this upcoming election in Haiti. Can someone tell because the polls are not helping. Two recent polls released had Jude Celestin leading the race for the presidency. However, many people think that these results could not be further from the truth.


Many people think that it is very difficult to predict any election results based on opinion polling. This is a very divided society and the various sectors of the population react differently to questions. For example several observers think that results of two polls placing Jude Celestin in first place is not real and it is overestimated.

BRIDES poll put PHTK candidate Jovenel Moïse in second position. Many people do not think that he is that popular. This is a candidate who can not gather a crowd without the help of President Michel Martelly's Parti Haitien Tet Kale (PHTK).

At the same time, some people think that Moise Jean Charles is doing much better than what the polls have been reporting because his supporters are coming mainly from the rural area and making an accurate estimate of the intention of these people is almost impossible due to trust and accessibility.

Rumors would want us to believe that the polls conducted by BRIDES have been manipulated as a way to fix the upcoming elections

What do you think?

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Julio De Castro says...

On what basis did Dumarsais Cimeus think that Moise is the best candidate.

If Haiti has this candidate as it's president this would be the worst thing that would happend to the country that Jean Jacques Dessalines left us. Please Lord, preserve us from falling into the

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