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Jovenel Moise relying on Sigora International to electrify Haiti

Jovenel Moise is relying on US Startup Sigora International and Romanian native Andy Bogdan Bindea to make that dream a reality. He wants to prove to the world that he can develop this new technology in the poorest region of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. He is banking

Sigora's founder and CEO Andy Bindea says: "Proving this technology in Haiti basically says it's doable anywhere else in the world"

Recently, Sigora Haiti, raised $2.5 million to expand its existing grid that has been serving 1,000 accounts serving 5,000 people in Haiti, to a network that will serve tens of thousands more in solar power. Once the entire first phase of the Northwest Haiti electrification project is complete, a venture budgeted at $10 million, the micro-utility will serve 27,000 accounts and 136,000 customers.

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Facts about Electricity distribution and consumption in Haiti

Électricité d'Haïti(ED'H), Haiti State owned electricity company provides the lowest coverage of electricity in the Western Hemisphere. It only provides electricity to approximately 12.5% of the population

This is due essentially to a combination issues. The government charges high electricity tariffs on Haitian customers who many of which believe in non-payment for electricity services. In addition, there is a low base of metered customers on top of widespread electricity theft and an inefficient and decrepit electricity network

Many sectors of the population become unproductive due to lack of electricity. Government employees need electricity to deliver necessary services. It is the same for the entertainment industry, Police, hospitals just to name a few.

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Jovenel Moise: "18 to 24 months for Haiti to have electricity 24 hours"

Folks, this is something that should be recorded. Haitian President Jovenel Moise testified that all Haiti will have electricity, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week between 18 and 24 months from now. According to Moise, ""I've given myself 18 to 24 months for Haiti to have electricity 24 hours around the clock".

This is not the first time that this ambitious promise to bring 24 hours electricity to Haiti was made. Few years ago, we heard similar promise from former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. However, it did not materialize
was made

Jovenel Moise did not explain how his cash-strapped government plans to pay for 24 hours electricity. He only spoke of prioritizing production and making Haitians pay for energy upfront.

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Deputy Gracia Delva accused of stealing two Generators

The population of Marchand-Dessalines took to the street on Monday Monday (April 11, 2016) to protest the ongoing blackout in their city. Some in the protest movement pointed the finger directly to their current Deputy Gracia Delva for causing the city blackout. According to some protesting, Former Kompas singer Gracia Delva took possession of two generators that the government of Michel Martelly had given to Marchand-Dessaline. They are accusing him of literally stealing these generators for his own benefits while leaving the city in completed darkness.

According to Gracia Delva: "I am not aware of that and I am not going to hide behind my job to steal the population"

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Princeton Power Systems and Microgrid Market in Haiti and the Caribbean

Princeton Power Systems is a New Jersey based designer and manufacturer of modern technology solutions for energy management. The company is a global leader that specializes in micro-grid operations, and electric vehicle charging. They manufacturer UL- and CE-certified power electronics that are used in advanced battery operations and alternative energy. UL is an American worldwide safety certification and CE is a similar certification that literally means Conformité Européene" or "European Conformity.

A micro-grid is a composition of technologies that includes energy generation, storage and load management system, appropriate for a community use. A micro-grid can operate independently or works in conjunction with the area's main electrical grid. Princeton Power Systems has recently launched a partnership with 'Home Control' with a focus on the Caribbean and Haitian market for expanding their base in the renewable energy and distributable generation. 'Home Control' is a leader in home automation, renewable energy, and audio engineering for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

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At least 15 dead when Barikad Crew float caught fire in Haiti Kanaval

Breaking News - Major accident during the Kanaval in Haiti. Early today (Tuesday, February 17, 2015), the float carrying the musical group Barikad Crew hit a high tension electrical power and as a result, over 15b people have been reported dead.

The float of the Barikad Crew caught fire on Rue Capois as it was going under a high tension electric tension cable near Champ de Mars. star rappers of the Barikad group, known as Phantom, was reported to be the one who first received the electric charge. He is now in critical condition at the hospital

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Fort Liberte protests to demand connection to electrical grid of Caracol

Protesters in the Fort Liberté area of Haiti fought bitterly recently for their right to not be left in the dark. On Thursday, November 27, Haitian police were called to put a stop to a violent street protest which took place near the border with Dominican Republic, in which residents of Fort Liberté demanded that they be given an electricity supply from the Caracol power plant at an industrial park.

Opposition politician in the northeast area, Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime, claimed that, in the skirmish, 13 people were wounded by the police who responded, but so far Frantz Lerebours, the police spokesman, only confirmed injuries without stating a number. He has said that the head of the National Police has dispatched a team to investigate. Coming out of the issue, and in light of the other instances of violence perpetrated throughout the island recently, including the bloody anti-government march through Port-au-Prince weeks ago, the government held a special meeting with Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe at the table, along with the Minister of Justice, the Director of the National Police, and other involved individuals.

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Electric Cooperative in Coteaux

Cote Sud Initiative to Bring Electricity Service to Southern Region. Haiti's first electric cooperative, Electric Cooperative Borough Coteaux (ECBC) is being administered by the UN Coalition, the Cote Sud Initiative, for the district of Cote, which includes the communes of Roche-a-Bateau, Coteaux, and Port-a-Piment. The ECBC convened its first meeting to elect its Board of Directors (BOD).

The BOD is charged with handling a power grid that consumes 125-135 kilowatts of solar power and 200 kilowatts of generator-produced diesel. The power load will provide electricity to 580 members of the electric cooperative and service approximately 1,600 homes. It also has a mandate to construct and renovate low and medium voltage lines in rural areas.

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Mosaic and Verizon Putting Poor Nations on the Solar Grid

Mosaic, a solar development company, is using a new business model to fund solar projects in emerging nations. To help launch Mosaic's new venture, Verizon Powerful Answers (VPA) awarded Mosaic one million dollars. Mosaic made this disclosure at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show recently. VPA helps to fund education, healthcare, and sustainability programs, and is partnering with Mosaic to offer solar electricity to underdeveloped nations.

Mosaic stands to make huge profits with this endeavor. According to Mosaic co-founder and president, Billy Parish, ". . . a $15 billion market (is) emerging for micro- and mini-grids . . ." Using the new term, 'impact investing', Parish says trillions are being spent by investors, who see substantial returns on investment from this new market. He claims Mosaic possesses the experience and resources to offer this investment opportunity to U.S. investors. They will become part of the clean energy movement that will help people currently living off the grid.

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Caracol Gets on Power Grid at Last

Caracol, Haiti, which had never been on the power grid, has been able to receive electricity service for the first time due to the Boone Electric Cooperative (BEC). The project has been ongoing for the last two years. The project really started to pick up steam when the Community Electrification Project (CEP) began their own efforts to bring electric service to rural areas in Haiti like Caracol.

Two electricians, Travis Lynn and Simon Munnik, from BEC and CEP respectively, merged their knowledge and experience to help complete the project in Caracol. Munnik discovered what a first-rate electrician service is all about when he went to see the BEC operation in Caracol. He observed the tools used and safety standards adhered to missing in Haiti's utility sector.

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