Haiti played a critical role in US independence

The Haitian revolution that started in August in 1791, defeated Napoleon's army in 1803 in what has become known as the most successful slave revolt in history.


This Haitian revolution created the first independent state in Latin America and the first black-led nation in the world. One of the many beneficiaries of this successful revolt is the United States of America.

Before the Haitian Revolution, Saint-Domingue(Haiti), the must successful colony for France at the time was furnishing 40 percent of the world's sugar.

Haiti played a critical role in the independence of the United states. As an allied to America during the American revolution, France used Saint-Domingue(Haiti) as a critical way station for French military assistance to United States. In addition, thousands of French troops from Saint-Domingue helped take Savannah.

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Gregg L Friedman Md says...

Interesting Story about the History of Haiti.

Thanks for publishing it. 5 Stars.

By Gregg L. Friedman

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Raymond Lafontant says...

unfortunately, the decision was not that of Haiti (it does not exit on those days) but of France with of course black soldiers from its Saint Domingue colony.

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