Secretè John Kerry ape vini rale kek Fey Zorey an Ayiti

Mwen tande ke Secretè State John Kerry gin pou li vini an Ayti pou li vini mete lod nan dezod. Yo di ke si pa ginyin yon solisyon ki pran aval li vini, se prale Rel Kay Makorel


Eske se vwe ke John prale ape vini rale kek Fey Zorey?

Opozisyon-an deja di ke yo deja pre pou yo recevwa Secretè John Kerry, min pa ak Kapet rouj. Yo deja prepare manifestasyon pou jounin Vandredi-a ke lape vini.

Anbin, si se pa zorey opozisyon ki deja kampe an "Zo Blod", se zorey ki moun Karry prale rale?


US Secretary of State John Kerry is expected in Haiti Friday, Devember 12, 2014. It will be exactly one Month before January 12, 2015, a day that will not be like any other days in Haiti if a solution is not found for the current crisis.

Many have been speculation that this visit will have some consequences. They predicted if a solution is not found between the parties involved in the crisis, one will be imposed by Secretary of State John Kerry.

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Subject: Secrete John Kerry ape vini rale kek Fey Zorey an Ayiti edit

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