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Mario Joseph with Salem Award for Human Rights & Social Justice

On March 23, 2014, Mario Joseph and Brian Concannon, the two Haitian lawyers who have led unfortunate poor Haitians without any discrimination for last two decades, from military strongmen to the console of the United Nations, were honored "22nd Annual Salem Award for Human Rights and Social Justice". In the award giving ceremony, Dr. Paul Farmer, one of the founding members of Partners in Health, a leading health organization working in Haiti, has termed them as the most effective, courageous and persistent human rights activists he saw in his last 30 working years in Haiti. The mission of Salem Award is to honor the heroic works of those who speak and act to alleviate discrimination and social injustice, repair damage with truth, inspire and achieve justice for the victims of social injustice.

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Me Mario Joseph nominated for the 2013 Martin Ennals Award

Since 1994 there have been 19 recipients of the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders; one for each year since its inception. The winners have ranged from people to organizations, living and working in many different countries across the world. Titled for Amnesty International's past secretary general, the award isn't so much celebratory, as an investment in the safety of the individuals who, through their work in their home countries and their efforts to defend human rights, find themselves in danger.

The award committee achieves this by giving protection through publicity, through shining light on the issues, and by drawing the attention of the media on the individuals who are often risking their lives while fulfilling their undertakings.

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Jean Claude Duvalier finally has his day in Court

This is one for Haiti history book, former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier appeared in a Haitian court for the first time Thursday (February 28, 2013) to answer charges of human rights abuses during his brutal lasting over 15 years (1971-1986).

Te courtroom holding that historic event in Port-au-Prince was packed. One could remark the presence of several journalists, activists, supporters of the Duvalier regimes, as well as representatives from several embassies.

This was also the first time the victims were facing Jean Claude Duvalier, the one they directly accused of being the perpetrator of all these crimes. Alix Fils-Aime and Robert Duval, two of the most vocal victims of Duvalier Crimes were present at the court hearing. It was the first time for them to see Jean Claude Duvalier answer direct questions about the widespread abuses associated with his dictatorial government.

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University Of San Francisco (USF) Awards Honorary Doctorate to Me Mario Joseph

Honorary Doctorate in humane letters was presented to the Managing Attorney, Me Mario Joseph of (IJDH) Institute for Justice & Democracy Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) in Haiti. Stephen A Privett, S.J. USF President declared that Mario Joseph was extremely devoted to his career.

A Legal Voice for the Oppressed

He stood up for victims of injustice as a human rights attorney. He has provided legal voice to all those who had been silenced by the oppression by his personal and deep commitment.

The entire community of USF and graduates are sure to gain inspiration from this, he declared during the graduation ceremony where he conferred the honorary degree on him. He addressed this to more than just the graduate and undergraduate USF College of Arts and Science students at the graduation ceremony.

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Human Rights Attorney Mario Joseph

Haitian-American human rights attorney and Director of Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI), Mario Joseph, provides legal services for those incarcerated for speaking out against the government of Haiti (GOH). He also goes to bat for impoverished Haitians and citizens harmed because of their political beliefs.

Mario Joseph earned his university degree from École Normale Supérieure and studied at Gonaïves Law School. He began his career as human rights counsel for the Peace and Justice Commission of the Catholic Church. In 1996, he became a member of BAI.

Joseph's most significant case was the Raboteau Massacre trial, in which he was lead counsel, representing survivors of the event. The six-week trial ended with 53 convictions and punitive damages of $43 million USD, assessed against the offenders. Joseph did not stop with the Haitian convictions. He assisted the Center of Justice and Accountability to try other instigators involved in the Raboteau Massacre in the U.S. judicial system.

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Threats and Intimidation Escalate Against Mario Joseph, Newton St. Juste and Andre Michel

Three Haitian human rights attorneys have been targets of death threats for their criticisms against the government of Haiti (GOH) over the last several months. Mario Joseph, Newton St. Juste and André Michel have also turned up on a list of dissidents the Ministry of Justice wants to arrest for unknown reasons.

The advocacy organization, Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L), along with Lawyers Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) have appealed to Haitian law enforcement, pressuring them to look into the sources of threats and scare tactics. They are also asking for a security detail to guard the attorneys.

Mario Joseph, Director of the International Lawyers Office, has been working on cases involving Jean-Claude Duvalier, former dictator of the GOH; the United Nation's part in the uptick of cholera cases; and illegal tenant evictions following the 2010 earthquake.

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