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Who is Clarens Renois?

Clarens Renois, Powerful Force in Haiti Civic and Government Life. Haitian journalist, Clarens Renois, is a high profile participator in Haiti's government and civic society sectors. He took his degree at Faculte des Sciences Humaines at the University of Haiti in Communications. From there he pursued further journalism studies in the U.S. and Europe.

Renois came to prominence as a journalist after the fall of Jean-Claude Duvalier's repressive regime in 1986. He had already risen to the job of News Editor at Radio Metropole (RM) two years prior. During his time at RM he taught courses in journalism at various schools as well as seminars around the island.

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Martelly Assails Character of Communications Minister Rothschild

President Martelly attacked his Communications Minister, Francois Rothschild, for lying about the treatment Haitians receive when they force-emigrate from the Dominican Republic back to Haiti. Martelly has accused Rothschild of characterizing the government authorities' attitude towards Haitians as respectful. Not so says Martelly.

Rothschild, a former journalist, allowed himself to be put on the spot by Martelly, who acted as a pseudo-journalist, doing all he could to humiliate Rothschild before an audience of thousands, and millions of radio listeners and TV viewers.

Martelly debased the profession of journalism, saying Rothschild "was in school to learn to lie to people" (while ironically playacting a journalist himself). Martelly continued his assault upon Rothschild, claiming he knew the predicament of Haitian deportees arriving in Haiti and it was deplorable.

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Envelops of Cash handed out to Haitian Journalists by Martelly Government

Radio Kiskeya has reported that in an attempt to bribe some news reporters, the Martelly Government proceeded in the distribution of cash to journalists covering him. According to Liliane Pierre-Paul, on December 23, 2014, several journalists were invited to the National Palace where envelops filled with cash were handed to them. Some of the envelops contained 50,000 gourdes and others, 40,000 gourdes.

As he was handing out these envelops to various news reporters in the room, according to the report, President Michel Martelly told them "By Piti Pa Chic".

Lucien Jura, the Presidential Spokesperson, was in charge of this operation, according to the declaration by Liliane Pierre-Paul who thinks this was an obvious attempt to bribe these reporters. She also reported that the reporters from Radio kiskeya who accepted these envelops have been sanctioned by the Radio Station

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Jean-Mary Gabriel dies of asthma attack, having forgotten his pump

Jean Mary Gabriel, the one person on Radio Caraibes who has been responsible to bring so much joy in the heart of so many, is no longer with us. He passed away last night following an Asthma attack.

Sources have revealed that the death of Jean-Mary Gabriel could have been avoided. He died by an asthma attack for having "lost" or "forgotten" his pump.

Some of the statements we will never hear again on Radio Caraibes, specially in Matin Caraibes:

"Neg sa Nul"

"Se Mwin Minm Ki Jean-Mary Gabril La"

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Office of Citizen Protection (OPC) Expresses Deep Disapproval for TV Show Alo Lapolis

The National Police (PNH) of Haiti has achieved better security in the country and defense against banditry, but the Office of Citizen Protection (OPC) for the protection of Human rights has expressed disapproval regarding the TV show "Alo Lapolis", which is broadcasted by the PNH. The TV show is being aired since a decade and it broadcasts images of people arrested and occasionally forces them to confess.

The Ombudsman, Mrs. Florence Élle said in a statement issued on 25 April 2014 that the program surely has a positive impact as it promotes the action of the police. However, it violates the Principle of Presumption of Innocence. The principle, enshrined in Article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 14-2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, guarantees the right to any person suspected of guilt, not to be considered guilty unless tried and legally sentenced by an impartial court. For instance, a person arrested by the PNH for mere accusation regarding damage to someone's property was forced to make confess his guilt on the television show.

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Rudy Herivaux Accuses Media of Driving a Disinformation Campaign

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, Dr. Rudy Hérivaux, a former senator and leader of Confidence Party has accused the press for driving a "purposeful disinformation campaign" to defame the government and "polluting" the political field. Although the press has achieved democratic status, it is a fact that there are very few good reporting and devoted political analysts among the news correspondents. When they do not get enough political ingredients to serve an entertaining item, fill the plate with football spices and serve as an item of political menu.

Dr. Hérivaux has been installed as the new Minister of Communication in place of the outgoing minister Josette Darguste. Mrs. Darguste has described the new minister as a personality with excellent communication skills.
Haiti's Lavalas movement took birth in the 1980s during the struggle against the Duvalier dictatorship. The Fanmi Lavalas or Lavalas Family strongly supports every public declaration which comes from any of its representative family members. Their movements were nurtured mostly by some Catholic priests, under the direction of Father Aristide from his Salesian parish of St. Jean Bosco in the Port-au-Prince. There are two branches of Lavalas Family: one is headed by Annettet Auguste, Yvon Neptune (former head of government), and Senator Yvon Buissereth as members whereas the other is run under the leadership of Senator Rudy Hérivaux and Maryse Narcisse.

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Markington Philippe, arrested in Agentina on Jean Dominique killing

According to a news just published on, the Haitian press freedom watchdog, SOS Journalistes, has confirmed that Argentine authorities have arrested Mr. Markington Philippe in Argentine.

Markington Philippe was a close ally of former President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

This arresst in Agentine came following an Investigation where Judge Ivickel Dabrezil issued an international arrest warrant, which has eventually been enforced through Interpol. Arrest warrents have also been issued for: Mirlande Liberus who is currently living in the United States.

The Argentine authorities are currently in the process of cooperating with the Haitian authorities to extradite Mr. Markington Philippe to Haiti.

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US joining Haiti in 2014 global press freedom report

Reporters Without Borders (RSF), an advocacy group for media rights, has released its yearly World Press Freedom Index, which ranks countries on their treatment of press freedom. The report issues a warning there exists a "growing threat worldwide . . . (a) tendency to interpret national security needs in an overly broad and abusive manner."

The U.S. distinguished itself as having experienced "one of the most significant declines" in its attitude toward press freedom in 2013. It fell 13 places to rank #46 among 180 countries on the index, sandwiched between Romania and Haiti. The news event that most illustrated the U.S.'s hard-hearted stance on investigative reporting was its vilification of National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence leaker, Edward Snowden, as well as covert seizure of phone records stolen from the Associated Press.

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No difference between Haiti and US, 2014 World Press Freedom Index

For as long as I could [i]remember, I have never seen the United States and Haiti ranked in similar position in any world index; that was until this new one came out.

In its annual World Press Freedom Index, a Paris-based media rights watchdog ranked the United States at number 46 in the world in 2014.
US has plunged 13 positions and this was directly related to its handling of the National Security Agency leaks.

Now the United states found itself between countries such as Romania and Haiti.

Mezanmi, Oukwè ke Amerikin ta vle nan yon pozisyon akote Ayiti, especialman nan sa ki konserne libète bouch moun?

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Nelson Mandela, very close and personal Interview

Here is an interview conducted by Ted Koppel with Nelson Mandela just minutes after his release from prison. Keep in mind that before this historic day, no one has seen him for over 27 years.

Yon bagay pou nou remake, se ke Koppel comanse interview a avek yon kestion ke li panse Nelson Mandela pa tap attan. Premye question pa ginyin anyin pou ouè avek sa tout moun tap attan. Li poze li yon kestion so box comm Nelso te yon gran boxer.

Watch the first interview Nelson gave to the press immediately after his release

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