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Talk underway to remove MINUSTAH from Haiti

Jacqueline Charles, the Caribbean correspondent with the Miami Herald, stated that the U.N. is in talks with the Haitian authorities about taking peacekeepers out of Haiti. They are negotiating how to maintain peace on on the Caribbean island without the U.N. It is not clear how they will be able to do that. Some Haitians want the U.N.'s presence to be replaced by a new Haitian Military force.

The U.N. has been in Haiti for the past 13 years or since the 2004 coup that overthrew former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Some of the soldiers have been involved in local sexual abuse. They are also responsible for bringing the cholera epidemic to Haiti

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Radio caraibes hit with stones by aggressive PHTK protesters

It appears that PHTK or the Political Party of former President Michel Martelly does no longer believe in Non-violence protest. Their protest last Saturday is definietly a turning point as they erected barricades, burned tires and broke several car windshields during their protest march. As they reached Radio Caraibes FM, the protesters launched some slogans against journalist and radio show host Jean Monard Methelus and threw stones on the building, breaking several windows.

Organized by Fednel Monchery of repons Peyizan and Jude Lajoie, of Platfom Viktwa, the protest was due to the violation of the accord signed to continue with the process of the election.

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Stanley Lucas on salary for propaganda work for Martelly Government

Stanlay lucas has been all over the media during the past five years defending the government of Michel Martelly against multiple attacks. Many at one point considered him as a true friend and believer of the accomplishments of the Martelly government. However, based on information just released, Stanley Lucas was just doing a job which is ongoing propaganda for the government of Michel Martelly.

According to Valery Numa of Radio Vision 2000, Stanley receives a check of $5000 US on a regular basis just to do propaganda for the government. Initially the checks were being issued by the Haitian embassy in Washington D.C. However when Paul Altidor became the Haitian Ambassador in Washington, he had an issue with the arrangement. According to Valery Numa, Ambassador Altidor did not want to pay a salary to someone who did not work at the embassy. As solution was found where Stanley Lucas would continue to receive his salary but it will be issued instead by the Haitian embassy in New York.

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Leopold Berlanger back to the CEP, representing Media sector

The Director of Radio Vision 2000 is back in the CEP. He was designated by several organizations of Haitian media to represent them. Among the organizations involved in his selection, we find: the Assossiation National of Haitian Media (ANMH) headed by Mr. Herold Jean Francois. Don't forget that in April, 2013, Leopold Berlanger was designated by the CEPJ to be part of the CTCEP

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Leopold Berlanger tounen nan CEP a, kounye a reprezante Media sektè

Direktè Radyo Vizyon 2000 tounen nan CEP a. Li te deziyen pa plizyè òganizasyon nan medya ayisyen an pou reprezante yo. Pami òganizasyon sa yo, nou jwenn: Assossiation Nasyonal pou Media Ayisyen (ANMH) ki dirije pa Mesye Herold Jean Francois. Pa bliye ke nan mwa avril, 2013, Leopold Berlanger te deziyen pa CEPJ a yo dwe yon pati nan CTCEP la

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Michel Martelly can't lead Haiti's transition, Miami Herald Editorial

The Miami Herald came out very strong with an editorial written against any possibility for Michel Martelly to remain in power after February 7 or to be involved in any transitional government. According to the editorial, "despite an unrelieved record of failure, Mr. Martelly suggested last week that he could prolong his tenure if no consensus for moving forward emerges". "The way forward is uncertain", according to the article. "But one thing is clear: President Michel Martelly must step down when his term expires on Feb. 7"

"Haiti's people have already paid too dearly for Mr. Martelly's disrespect for constitutional order and inept management. He never understood the notion of compromise, nor did he ever try to forge a national political consensus to make the most of the aid provided by the international community to recover from a 2010 earthquake. Whatever was good for "Sweet Micky" was good for Haiti, or so he seemed to believe.

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Martelly attacking Liliane Pierre-Paul with Kanaval 2016, TI LILI

It's official. President Michel Martelly has decided to mark the end of his government in a high note, that is typical of his character. The president has released his carnival meringue for 2016 targeting journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul of Radio Kiskeya. The National Association of Haitian Media (ANMH) has denounced the and condemned this new attempt of the President of the Republic. According to Herold Jean Francois, the President of ANMH, "Liliane Pierre-Paul is one of the characters who are a credit to our country". "The President of the Republic shall be the guarantor of social cohesion and not the instigator of denigration and public lynching of citizens."

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New York Times di Eleksyon Ayiti an te yon echek Colosal

Nou tout konnen lè New York Times jounal di yon bagay, nou tout koute epi jounal la te di anpil sou sa nou panse ki gen pou an Ayiti nan semèn oswa mwa kap vini yo.

Jounal la pandan fen semèn nan te pale kont fwod masiv nan eleksyon ki sot pase a an Ayiti. New York Times di pou premye fwa depi eleksyon ki sot pase a, gen yon kriz elektoral an Ayiti e li ap mande pou eleksyon lejitim.

Dapre jounal la, eleksyon nan mwa Oktòb sa te sijè falsifikasyon bilten vòt, vòt ilegal ak lòt abi ke yo te lajman denonse kòm ilejitim. Koulye a, New York Times refere li a eleksyon an kòm "yon echèk Colosal."

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Radio Kiskeya rumor of closure

On Tuesday morning, December 1, 2015, around 1:00 AM, some unknown gunmen opened fire at Radio Television Kiskeya in Port-au-Prince. This was the first armed attack to the most popular radio station in Haiti which is dedicated to the news of Caribbean pop. Few bullets hit the building's front, gate, barrier and windows. Fortunately, no casualty was reported.

The gun attack came during a time when the country is passing through a tensed electoral crisis. The police have opened an investigation to find the cause and culprits of the attack. As per Senator Simon Desras, there are possibilities that the plan of the attack was hatched at the Prime Minister's office to silence certain media. The statement of Marvel Dandin, the Director General of Radio Kiskeya was also framed in the same tune. Without naming, he has linked the attack with electoral crisis.

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Radyo Televizyon Kiskeya femen pot li pou yon peryod endetemine

Marvel Dandin, Direktè Jeneral nan Radyo Televizyon Kiskeya jis lage yon nòt nan laprès la. Dapre sezi, moun nan lokalite yo nan Radyo Televizyon yon Kiskeya ap rete fèmen pou yon peryòd endetèmine.


Radio Television Kiskeya closed until further notice

Marvel Dandin, the General Director of Radio Television Kiskeya just release a note to the press. according to marvel, the locals of Radio an Television Kiskeya will remain closed until further notice.

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Yo tire sou lokal televizyon Radio Kiskeya

Atak ak zam Kont lokal televizyon Radio Kiskeya. Sa te pase byen bonè, 30 desanm 2015, o zalantou dis è 1am. biwo radyo ak televizyon Kiskeya yo te atake pa moun ak zam yo pa konnin. Zòn ki afekte enkli fasad bilding lan, pòtay ak pòt devan an. Pa gen moun ki te frape pa bal yo.


Armed attack against the location of Radio Télé Kiskeya. This took place early December 30, 2015, around 1am when the offices of Radio and Télé Kiskeya were attacked by unidentified individuals with guns. The areas affected included main façade of the building, the gate and the front door. No one was hit by the bullets.

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