Francisco René asked for forgiveness

In a surprise move, Metre Francisco Rene, the former Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, publicly apologized to anyone he offended during his time as head of the Prosecutor of Port -au-Prince.


Who would ever believe that? Francisco Rene has decided to publicly make an apology for his behavior for the time he was the Commissioner of Port-au-Prince. It is unfortunate that in Haiti, we do not address the issue of mental illness seriously. In Haiti, someone can have any major mental illness like Bipolar disorder, Schizoaffective disorder disorder or any other personality disorder; however, as long as he/she is not throwing stones in the street, is not considered ill.

It was just recently that the Federation of Bar Associations of Haiti adopted a resolution not to allow him to be part of their team. His action to arrest Attorney Andre Michel was probably the last major act in his part

There can only be two possible reasons for the sudden change in behavior from Meter Francisco Rene. Either he just realized the magnitude of the decision of the Federation of Bar Associations to no longer accept his membership, or the power he once had is no longer.

The former Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, Francisco René, has reacted the same way "Gro Moso" from the great Maurice Sixto would in the act " Ba Li Booolova.

Apre Gro Moso fini pale kont koze credi; apre li di koman li te konn bat fanm, bat policie, yon ti jandam tou feb arete-ly

Mon cher, Si ou tande pete Ti Mal, Se pa de Chay oua ba sa pote

Mr. René Francisco announced the end of the "recreation" and "radio theater"

Mr. René Francisco attempts to justify punishment and misery arrested

Reactions of the Dean of the Bar Association of Port-au-Prince

Arrestation de Maître André Michel ,Mardi 22 Octobre 2013

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