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Brazilian Devotion to Train Haitian Troops

On Thursday, July 26, 2012, the Brazilian Minister for Defense announced his government's decision of helping Haiti to form a permanent defense force. Speaking on that day, Celso Amorim said that his government is determined to train a Haitian defense force that would take over after the UN withdrew its peace keeping mission in the country. He said that Brazil would be sending a military mission which will be determined to help Haiti. Celso Amorim was accompanied by his Haitian counterpart Jean Rodolphe Joazile while he was making this statement. The minister said that the government of Haiti had asked Brazil for help and pledged to cooperate in all manners.

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Haitian President Henri Namphy

The overthrowing of Jean-Claude Duvalier in 1986 paved way to the gradual transition of Haitian politics to democracy and Henri Namphy was supposed to lead that transition. But before democracy reached the country, there was chaos everywhere as theft, riots, and coup d'états were rampant as the government after the Duvalier regime was unstable.

After Duvalier and his family left for France, the country was led by the National Council of Government (CNG) under Haitian general Henri Namphy. The council was made up of four individuals from the military and two civilians which tried to push for several democratic reforms and promised Haitians the occurrence of elections. Two years later, the general was then made president after successfully overthrowing Leslie Manigat who was the winner in the 1988 elections via a coup d'état.

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Are the armed men running all over Haiti really demobilized soldiers?

The worry I have in my heart is more than words can express. I am deeply troubled by something that every Haitian who is protected by the constitution should be fretting about. How is it possible for armed men in new uniforms, so called demobilized soldiers, be running all over Haiti occupying strategic places in this country while we just watch as if there is no imminent security threat?

Poze Pitit!

These men claim to be demobilized soldiers. President Martelly and his government are yet to act, but before he does one or several Haitians could die in cold blood from the shots of firearm.

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MINUSTAH ready to fight and disarm Demobilized or Remobilized Haitian Military

The U.N. is ready for a fight, but this time with those who think they can reestablish the Haitian Military by force. The Chief Information Officer for the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), Ms. Eliane Nabaa, indicated on Monday that peacekeepers are ready to disarm and/or dislodge former Haitian Military groups that have been occupying several old facilities once used by the Armed Forces of Haiti, disbanded since 1995.

All MINUSTAH is waiting for is the go signal from the Haitian authority. Here are the exact statements from Ms. Eliane Nabaa:

"We are here available and willing"

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The Haitian Military is Back as Forces Arme D'Haiti occupied Camp Lamantin 54

History is repeating itself. After many years of retreat or inactivity, The Haitian Military, known as Forces Armees D'Haiti (FADH)has been self re-established. Several facilities that were left vacated by the disbanded Forces Armees D' Haiti have been taken over by the new force. So far the central location where the new Military force is conducting military activities is Camp Lamantin 54.

"Mezanmi, Talon Kikite Retounin Anko"

According to one of the members of the new Military force who was giving an interview on Radio Caraibes FM this week, they Haitian Constitution stated clearly the right to have A Haitian Military force in Haiti.

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Army is Enemy of Development, Peace and Freedom, Fmr. Costa Rica President letter to Martelly

One more blow for President Michel Martelly's plan to reinstate the Haitian Army. In a letter sent to the president by Fmr. Costa Rica President Nobel laureate Oscar Arias, he advised the president not to restore the disbanded Haitian army, saying that historically most armies are enemies of development, enemies of peace and enemies of freedom.

This can't be a good sign!

In the two page letter, Former Costa Rica president said instead, the $25 million Martelly has proposed for the new military should be invested in education, health and strengthening other institutions.

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Upon returning from exile Aristide disbanded the Haitian Army

n the Month of September, 1991, Former Haitian president was the victim of coup by General Raoul Cedras. His first decision upon returning from exile was to disband Haitian Army

Following the coup, Aristide spent time in Venezuela before moving to the United States to start influencing US policies against Haiti. Jean-Bertrand Aristide returned to Haiti with U.S. Military support to complete his term in office.

Upon his return from exile, Aristide disbanded the Haitian Military. Many people were in support of the action of the president to disband the force at the time.

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Canada has spoken, police force in Haiti yes, Army no

When you can't pick up the bill, you have to be satisfied with what is given to you. That is the case in Haiti. Canada is the latest member of the international community not to agree with the idea that Haiti should have a military force at this time. A spokesman for Canadian Minister of State of Foreign Affairs Diane Ablonczy, stated in an email to The Associated Press that because of the difficult condition of the Haitian population, it is not the right time to talk about a new military force.

Me Zanmi Koze pa pou wou, Ou Kon Tande ou pa gin Lajan min ouap fe Lwa

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What is the chance of Martelly to get his wish, creating a Haitian Army?

From what the "Haitian Joudalist" heard recently, not too good. The idea of creating a new army in Haiti sounds good. However, the actual result might be devastating.

To combat crime and to protect our border, President Michel Martelly is proposing the formation of a new Haitian army. As you may remember, the old Haitian army (Force Arme D'Haiti, FADH) was disbanded in 1994 by former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Many people would say that the old Haitian army has been used against the Haitian people as an instrument of repression. They committed some of the worst human rights violations in recent memory.

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Haitian Leader Joseph Davilmar Theodore

Joseph Davilmar Theodore was born in 1847 in Ennery, which is in the district of Gonaives and the Artibonite department. He served in military of Haiti. He was against the leadership of Oreste Zamor. Therefore he organized with cacao farmers to rebel against President Oreste Zamor.

He succeeded in overthrowing president Zamor and he took over as the president on November 7, 1914. He took the oath on November 10, 1914. He convinced the U.S government to offer money to his government in exchange for custom control, railway and banks.

When he became president, he failed to pay the cocoa farmers as he had promised them. The cocoa farmers rebelled against him forcing him to resign on 22 February 1915. He was succeeded by Jean Vilbrun Guillaume Sam. He went to banish in Curacao but he later returned to Haiti under American protectorate.

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