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Former Haitian President Henry Namhy to be buried in Dominican Republic

Former Haitian President Henry Namphy has his wishes granted. During his exile in the Dominican Republic, Lt. Gen. Henri Namphy made it clear that he never wanted to set foot in Haiti. To the dismay of many, the former Haitian President will not be buried in Haiti but rather in the Dominican Republic.

His body will be put to ground in the Dominican Republic, his land of exile. he body will be exhibited at La Paz Chapel, of Funerarium Blandino which is located at Abraham Lincoln Avenue in Santo Domingo on Saturday, June 30 at 2pm. He will be buried Sunday July 1st at 4 pm at Cristo Redentor in the Dominican Republic.

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Lt. Gen. Henri Namphy is dead

Lt. Gen. Henri Namphy died Tuesday afternoon in the Dominican Republic from lung cancer, according to his niece Elisabeth Delatour Préval. Namphy lived in exile in the Dominican Republic following the 1988 coup. He never returned to Haiti. He died at the age of 85.

Lt. Gen. Henri Namphy was head of interim National Council of Government that took charge of Haiti on Feb. 7 1986, after Dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier fled into exile in France. He briefly served as president before his ouster in a military coup. Lt. Gen. Prosper Avril, would replace Namphy in another coup led by members of the Haitian Armed Forces.

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Six people arrested for the attack in Cayes Police station

The investigation on the attack of the Police Station in the city of Cayes appears to be moving with speed. On Tuesdaym may 24, 2016, six individuals were arrested by the Police, according to Chief Superintendent of the police, Marc André Cadostin. In the meantime, Minister of Justice and Security, Me Camille Edouard Junior, as well as a representative of UN MINUSTAH are expected in Cayes on May 24, 2016.

What do you think?

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Four gunmen in Cayes' Police station attack dead

So much for a plan of attack. Four of the assailants who ransacked the Police Station in Cayes are dead. According to sources, the traffic accident took place following the attack. Among the things found at the location of the accident were rifles and pistols. One of the wounded seeing here stated that Senate candidate Guy Philippe was behind the attack.

What do you think?:

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FLASH - Former soldiers attacked Commissariat of Cayes this morning, three captured

A group of about 50 individuals dressed in Military uniforms, attacked the Commissariat of Cayes early Monday (5/16/16) around 3:00AM. Several police Officer from APENA received gunshot wounds. One Police Officer in critical condition. Three of the aggressors have been arrested, taken to the Commissariat of Cayes

According to the information unfolding as we speak, The Former Military guys arrived at the Commissariat, demanded the keys for the prison which were unable at the time. Instead the Police officers reacted, fought back and the military former soldiers left the scene. After they committed their assault, on their way back, they got into an accident at Plaine Matin". Three of them have been arrested and brought back to the Commissariat of Cayes

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Military Corps of Engineers blocked Minister of Defense in Pacot

On Monday, May 9, 2016 the tension was very high at the gate of the Minister of Defense in Pacot. It was reported that several dozens of armed soldiers from the body of Military of Engineering(CORGE) took position at the gate of the Minister of Defense, preventing access to the employees of the minister. They locked the main gate of the institution to demand their use in securing the country.

Enex Jean Charles who is both the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense was unable to access the facility either.

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Ex Haitian soldier stoned to death by anti-government demonstrators

On Friday, close to 100 former Haiti disbanded military and supporters took to the street of Port-au-Prince in a show of force. Many were in uniform and armed with guns and pistols. As a group of these former soldiers in a pick up truck passed by a group of anti-government protest, some protesters threw rocks at them, causing some soldiers to fire.

No casualties among the anti-government demonstrators have been reported so far; however, former army captain Neroce Ciceron, was captured by the protesters, assaulted repeatedly with rocks until his death.

Haitian Kreyol:

ansyen sòlda ayisyen mouri nan echanj ak manifestan anti-gouvènman

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United States Coast Guard Academy wants you (Haitian)

Opportunity knocks for some young Haitian men and women. United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) in New London, Connecticut, is now looking for candidates for the Class of 2020 International Cadet program. However, the requirements are stringent. You must be between the ages of 17 and 23, single (not married), have no children, be an High school graduate, proficient in English and be physically fit. The Coast Guard Academy offers a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. This program will provide you with military and leadership training. After graduation, you are expected to return to Haiti and serve in the Garde Cote unit of the Haitian National Police.

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The Haitian Military Is re-mobilized

The Haitians need not be frustrated with the MINUSTAH anymore. As per a new decree dated November 9th, adopted by the President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Evans Paul, the armed forces of Haiti (FAd'H) would be remobilized and a newly reconstituted army would start functioning very soon. This was one of Martelly's promises during his election campaign in 2011. The force will provide the country a solid defense capable to serve and defend the population and the country from all possible threats. We may recall that, Haitian armed forces were completely abolished in 1995 because of its typical notorious record in the western hemisphere-- Haiti's army has overthrown its own government 33 times since 1804. However, it is unclear where the $95m needed in start-up costs and pension payments of the soldiers would come from.

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Evans Paul using bluff as tool against Dominican Government

Faced with massive influx of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent being deported from the Dominican Republic to Haiti, Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul put the Dominican Government on guard against the type of people that they are sending to Haiti. He stated that the Haitian government will welcome the Haitians but will not admit any non Haitians into the country. Specifically, anyone not born in Haiti will not be admitted into the country, that is according to Mr. Evans Paul.

I consider such a statement by the Haiti Prime Minister as pure bluff. It is an attempt by Mr. Paul deceive us pretending to in case that the Dominican Government makes any attempt to send someone who was born in the Dominican Republic with Haitian root back to Haiti, they will be faced with corresponding action from the Haitian government.

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