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Andre "Dadou" Pasquet to be honored by County Commissioner Jean Monestime

Andre "Dadou" Pasquet is Haitian artist. He was guitarist and musician. His music talent was inborn as it ran in the family. He played in the group known as Tabou Combo Radio Superstar.

He was a talented guitarist who played the guitar so passionately and was admired by everyone. He left Tabou Combo group and formed a band group known as Magnum Band. The band sound was unique because it was a mixture of Haitian roots, jazz, pop and soul filled Creole music. This band has made him to be honored for valuing Haitian culture in his music.

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Albert Pascal, Haitian singer of Les Ambassadeurs

He is a great Haitian singer of the famous group Les Ambassadeurs. Albert Pascal was born and raised in Haiti where he began his career and where he established himself to the music industry. There is little known about him but the facts about his music abilities and achievements are intact and have for the last couple of years been easily identified as being great achievements.

Albert Pascal has made it possible for many in the country to get noticed in the kind of abilities he has had and the manner in which he is able to easily make a good composition. Most of his fans love him for the manner in which he sings his music which makes them just want to listen on without stopping. It is his talent to entertain people a gift which he really uses well and to his advantage.

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Alex Abellard, Haitian keyboard player guitar player

He is a Haitian by origin musician, keyboard player and a very talented guitar player. Alex Abellard was born in Haiti where he was raised up and grew to nurture his talent. He has over the years earned the reputation of being a great musician who has achieved much more than anyone would ever have thought. Among his many achievements he has been able to easily come up with a recording company where he is the sole owner and investor. He recruits young talented singers and artists and enables them to nurture and perfect their talent to the level of big professional artists popular all over the world.

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Jean Herard Richard, Richie, is back with new band bagay neuf

Former Zenglen drummer Jean Herard Richard, who is better known as Richie, has formed a new band. The drummer, who was behind the drums in a video in which president Martelly and other artists featured in paying tribute to more than 300,000 Haitians who perished on the wake of the 2010 earthquake says he has big news for his fans.

The new band is still deliberating on its name, though the name bagay neuf has been suggested. Richie says that the name has not been agreed upon, and that bagay neuf might not be it.

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Lenord Fortune, AKA Azor of Racine Mapou de Azor is dead

The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that the one of the most successful Racine singer is dead. According to information obtained, Azor, felt sick after a performance in Saut D'Eau to celebrate Mont Carmel.

The Racine artist Azor has been known for bringing the Haitian culture to life in his music videos. Lenord Fortune has been very careful in presentation the videos for his Racine Mapou band. It is obvious in the costume changes from multiple takes. He also used young beautiful and talented Haitian dancers to accompany to the actual singers.

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Wyclef Jean Solo Musical Career

Wyclef Jean began his musical career as part of a group, but with his solo career he was able to emerge and make a name for himself as an individual.

Since beginning his solo venture in 1997 he has recorded 8 studio albums and produced music for the likes of Destiny's Child and Santana. To this day he is still making music for people to enjoy.

Wyclef's long solo career began in 1997 with his first album named "Wyclef Jean Presents the Carnival Featuring the Refugee All-Stars" or "The Carnival" for short. With this album he made a name for himself when it was certified Platinum and sold 5 million copies worldwide.

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Wyclef Jean and the Fugees

During the mid-190 Wyclef Jean was best known for being a part of the musical group, the Fugees. The group was comprised of Jean, Lauryn Hill, and Jean's cousin as well as fellow Haitian immigrant Prakazrel "Pras" Michel.

During their active years between 1992 and 1997 Wyclef Jean and the Fugees were signed to Ruffhouse Records, a record label started as joint project with Columbia Records.

The group recorded three albums during their active years in the 90's including "Blunted on Reality", "The Score", and "Bootleg Versions". While "Blunted on Reality" and "Bootleg Versions" did well, the most popular was "The Score". This Fugees album reached #1 on the Billboard 200 and U.S. R&B charts, sold over 18 million copies worldwide, and even earned the group two Grammy awards.

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Misty Jean - Jwi La Vi

Once Upon a Time, Misty Jean was a person with a big embition to become musical artist. Few years later, we all realized that was more than just a dream. Misty Jean demonstrated in the song Jwi La Vi that not only he has the dream to become an artist, he was also gifted. the song Jwi La Vi has all the requirements to become great song.

Th song Jwi La Vi of Misty Jean describes what happens when you feel too much.

Watch Music Video:

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La Ville Jacmel - Twoubadou Ti Koka

When I first heard this song La Ville Jacmel by Twoubadou Ti Koka, I though I wanted to turn it off. This isn't something I would listen to on my own. Then, I thought, Roland, come on, give him/her a chance. Listen to it. Let the music become you.

So, I gave La Ville Jacmel music video a chance with Twoubadou Ti Koka. I watched the music video several times until I couldn't go a day without not wanting to hear it. I still couldn't believe that Twoubadou Ti Koka on La Ville Jacmel had such a deep, sultry voice, nor did I think this artist Twoubadou Ti Koka could produce such artistic masterpiece.

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