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Haitian Compas Festival - Wynwood, Miami Florida - 5/19/18

NOEL AND CECIBON PRODUCTIONS invite you to celebrate 20 years of The Haitian Compas Festival in Wynwood on Saturday, May 19, 2018. We are celebrating 20 years of music, 20 years of success, 20 years of culture.

The 2018's Haitian Compas Festival will have your favorite top Haitian bands and artists on one stage. VIP tickets include complimentary food & drinks from 5-8 PM!

The Talent Lineup:
Admirat T
Tabou Combo
Djakout #1
Nu Look
Kreyol La
Tony Mix
Power Mix
...and many more surprises!

Date and Time
Sat, May 19, 2018, 4:00 PM -
Sun, May 20, 2018, 2:00 AM

MANA Wynwood
318 NW 23rd ST
Miami, FL 33127

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The musical group CaRiMi is disbabded

Every beautiful thing must come to an end.That is the case of the Haitian music band CARIMI that has decided to disband and dissolve. The news came from the manager of the group Frito Fannen "Fito" who stated that the decision to do away with the band CaRiMi was a result of their lead singer, Michael Guirand, not being able to commit his time to the band.

The group was founded in 2001 by Carlo Vieux, Richard Carve and Michael Guirand and the group was named after them as well.

What do you think?

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The Group DISIP creating music for a worldwide audience

The group Disip has put two songs in circulation, whose title "Heartbreak & misery" and "San manti". To many, this is a change in the way the band has been playing music. After so many years not producing much, the group DISIP seems to be returning in force and with a new concept in the Haitian music scene. According to some early comments, this new style of the group DISIP is intended to do something that the majority of Haitian bands have not been able to do yet, which is making a dent in the international music industry. The lyrics continue to be for the most part in the Haitian Creole, but some music experts do not think this alone can prevent the Haitian music from reaching an international market. If we can produce good music for the international market, they will will consume it.

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Cecile McLorin Salvant, First Haitian singer nominated for a Grammy Award

We finally have one of our own with a chance to be awarded with the prestigious Grammy award in the United States

Cecile McLorin Salvant who was born mi Miami, Florida and the product of Haitian father and Guadeloupean mother has been nominated for a Grammy award in the category Best Jazz Vocal Album.

Starting to learn classical poano at the very young age of five, Cecile McLorin Salvant later started studying with private teachers, then later with Edward Walker. She did not discover an interest in in Jazz music until she went to "Aix" school. She recordded her first music album "Cecile" with Jean Francois Bonnel Paris Quintet

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Mickael Guirand calling it a quit with Carimi

Mikael Guirand has announced to step down as a Carimi lead singer. He has announced his decision to step away from the stage in on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015, addressing Pat Desvarieux. He was the "Mi" of Carimi, with Carlo Vieux and Richard Cavé and has remained with the group since its inception in 2002 in New York.

In the last November, the band has celebrated its 14th anniversary. Carimi is one of the most consistent and popular band in Haiti. The reason for his departure was not disclosed. He has informed his decision to the management of Carimi so that they can plan how the band would move forward in the future. He has admitted this was a hard decision for him, after having been reliable to them and his fans for the past 14 years.

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..... and the winner for Best Haitian Entertainer of the Year, Klass

All the efforts of the Haitian Compas band Klass and its Maestro Richie this year have not been unnoticed. At the 34th Annual International Reggae & World Music Awards (IRAWMA) the group was awarded Best Haitian Entertainer of the Year.

The THELAR Management Group and Martin's International Culture have honored Haitian Compas band, 'Klass' "The Best Haitian Entertainer of the Year 2015" award at the 34th Annual International Reggae & World Music Awards (IRAWMA) ceremony. Nu Look, another Haitian Compas band based in Florida has been awarded "Florida Haitian Entertainer of the Year 2015" award during the same ceremony held on October 4, 2015 at Bailey Hall of Broward College Central Campus in Davie, Florida. The prestigious annual award ceremony was attended by many well known entertainers, dignitaries and personalities from the music industry of the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, the U.S and Africa. Every year, the experts in Haitian music from these countries participate in the nomination process and the whole process of awarding is overseen by the THELAR Group. Nominations are based on the works released between June 2014 and May 31st, 2015 and the winner is selected by considering the work's social relevance, originality, quality of performance, stage performance, sales at local/national/international levels, etc.

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Haiti's Political Candidates want Freshla in their Corner

Haitian musician, Freshla, wants to shake up the establishment with his music, Raboday. A high-profile music producer also, he is playing a role in this month's Parliamentary elections.

Music critic, Susana Ferreira, who writes for BuzzFeed and profiled Freshla in the e-magazine, comments on various interpretations of Freshla's current hit, "Kite Ti Pati'm Kanpe". She says a couple of meanings translate from Creole as ". . . let my little party stand", or don't mess with ". . . my piece of the pie".

Freshla, reigning King of Raboday, heads Vwadezil, which performs a new genre of pop music. Using elements of electronic music, voodoo beats, and rah-rah, its synthesis began in the streets. Haitian youth love Raboday mainly for its beats, but also because it strikes back at the status quo and criticizes the current political climate.

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Haitian Singer Herold Christophe passed away

Many who grew up with many of the love songs of singer Herold Christophe are sad today. The popular Haitian singer died on August 28 after a long illness.

Herold Christophe, the great love singer of the Haitian girls in the late 80s, has left for another world on August 28, 2015. He has died in Boston, Massachusetts, after his five year long fight with prostate cancer. As per news sources, for the last five years, the singer had tried everything; gone through many sessions of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, blood transfusion, and he even followed many forms of natural remedies. Unfortunately, earlier this year, the doctors told his family members that the last sessions of chemotherapies were doing more harm than good to him. In the span of last 2-3 months, he had lost his ability to eat, drink, swallow or move and was even fighting to breathe.

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Michel Tassy of the Orchestre Septentrional is dead

We just learned the death of a great musician. Former lead vocalist Michel Tassy of the Orchestre Septentrional has passed away. He was the oldest active member of the band.

Michel Tassy started with Septentrional in 1963 when the band was just 15 years old. he has remained with them until his death. He was also the vice president of Septentrional organization, a group that has been involved and contributing in many aspects of the society.

He will join some of the great names in the band and the history of Haitian music such as Roger Colas and Ulrick Pierre-Louis just to name a few.

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The Creation Youth Orchestra In Cite Soleil, Haiti

Pastor Jean Enock founded the "Occide Jeanty Music Academy" in Cité Soleil in 2006. Cité Soleil is an extremely impoverished and densely populated commune located in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area with an estimated 200,000 people. It was the place where the pastor was born, grew up and spent most part of his life to set up a "Haitian Youth Orchestra" -- the dream of his life. He started with nothing to open up an "alternative paths" to steer away local youths from gangs and violence. His dream took ten years to take shape. Most of the residents of Cite Soleil are unemployed. A majority of Cite Soleil residents are children. 'Youth Orchestra In Cite Soleil' now functions in three locations, give lessons to over 250 students on wind, string, and percussion instruments and they perform in a chamber orchestra, a symphonic band. The students come from extremely impoverished backgrounds; contribute a nominal fee to participate in the program under a small team of part time teachers.

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