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Haiti should close its Border to Dominican Products to salvage any Dignity

Do we really know how important the Haitian market is to the Dominican Republic? Maybe if we really know our forces, we would act differently. Haiti's dignity is once again attacked by the Dominican Republic. We need to react with force by closing our border to Dominican Products.

Mezanmi, Dominikin Ap Manje Mange'm Min Li Pa Vle Ban'm Bon Jan

Dominican Republic has much to lose from an eventual border closure with Haiti. Did you know that of all the products consumed in Haiti, Dominican Republic furnishes at least 30% of them?

Some of these products furnished by the Dominicans to the Haitian market are the most ridiculous because we have full capacity to produce them ourselves: They make money with us by exporting to Haiti: Cement, Bread, Chicken, Salami, Egg, Mango, Beans, Canned Food, Coconut, Rhum, Alcohol, Cigarette and Used clothe (Pèpè) just to name a few.

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Haitian Commander Benedict Batraville Daunting U.S. Opponent

Benedict Batraville was a resistance fighter for anti-American imperialist groups. America began occupying Haiti in 1915 under Woodrow Wilson. In order to weaken the resistance forces, Congress approved of replacing rebel leader, slaughtered Charlemagne Peralte, with his advisor, Batraville. He had a superior intellect and held information about Peralte's military strategy.

Benedict Batraville, known as Ti Benwa, agreed with the plan to allow imperialist forces to expand their occupation of the island. But he lay in wait to catch the troops at a disadvantage and push back with the insurgency.

The insurgents were successful and the Marines lost territory in Haiti. They understood in order to reclaim lost ground, they needed to find Batraville and finish him off. But he was not easy to apprehend. A master military strategist, who had advised Peralte, Batraville out-thought and out-flanked the Marines.

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Charlemagne Peralte Inspired a New Revolution in Haiti

Charlemagne Masséna Peralte was one of the greatest heroes of Haiti. Born in 1886, Peralte was a popular Haitian Nationalist leader who strictly opposed the invasion of Haiti in 1915 by United States. He led the guerrilla fighters called Cacos and presented a tremendous challenge to the invading US forces. Because of this retaliation, US had to severely upgrade its presence in Haiti.

Charlemagne Masséna Peralte was born in a city called Hinche. He was born to a family which had previously migrated from an area which currently falls within the borders of Dominican Republic. Peralte is respected both in Haiti and Dominican Republic. On his birth certificate, his name is registered as François Borgia Charlemagne Peralte.

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