Pierre-Richard Casimir in Visit to Moscow, Russia

In a move to raise its profile on the world stage by strengthening foreign-policy relations with other nations, Haitian Foreign Affairs Minister, Casimir, met with Russian Foreign Affairs Minister, Lavrov, in May. The meeting covered trade agreements, visa policies, and drug-trafficking terrorist connections.


Haiti is a member of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CLACS) that comprises 33 nations, a populace of 600 million, and a yearly domestic output of $7 trillion. The organization was started in 2010 to offset the U.S.'s dominance of South- region interests.

Russia is seeking to restore its weakened influence in Latin American and Caribbean countries since the collapse of the Berlin Wall and Communism. It is advocating for a new world axis to include not only CLAS, but parts of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the Eurasian Union. These regions contain big and healthy economies, gaining in political and economic clout, and affecting the world economy and foreign relations.

Haiti's part in all this is to relax its visa requirements, ratify an anti-terrorism bill, and reform its trade-agreement law. Currently, Haiti's visa policies are restrictive, making travel within the country difficult. If Haiti does not loosen it visa requirements, it will obstruct the inflow of private investment, making investors reluctant to do business with the nation.

The Martelly government needs to be aware of the growth potential the new-world axis will provide to make Haiti a viable member of the international community.

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