How Haiti Plans to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030

Since 2000, Haiti has gone through many disasters, both political and natural. However, despite this, Haiti has achieved some progress in controlling poverty.


Recent studies indicate that there is improvement in accessibility to basic services, and there is a decline in extreme poverty levels, that is, from 31% to 24%.

• Improvements have been achieved in areas such as education, where the number of children enrolled in schools has risen from 78% to 90%.

• Progress has also been achieved in accessing sanitation, tap water, and electricity.


• Studies indicate that Haiti has a very high inequality rate in income distribution.

• Urban areas have more access to basic amenities such as education, water, electricity etc. than rural areas where the population is higher.

• Progress is slow in rural areas due to a high dependence on farming, which is affected by poor weather. Food that is produced goes bad before consumption or before being sold.

Armed with this data, the Government is able to have guidance in public policy and respond accordingly to reduce poverty levels.

Also, Haiti remains vulnerable to disasters. Improvements are highly dependent on international aid. In the face of disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and political instability, the resilience found in the Haitian people is to be applauded. This renders hope that greater and more rapid progress is achievable.
If this analysis is used as a guideline, Haiti will soon become a poverty free country!

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