Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti (BRANA): The Maker Of Haiti's Native Beer

When talking about breweries in Haiti, Brasserie National D'Haiti (BRANA) would surely come up. Why? Because it is the leading brewery and bottler, as well as the number one Caribbean beer producer in the country. Michael Madsen, a Haitian whose family was considered one of the richest clans that time, established BRANA in 1973. His family came to Haiti from Denmark in the latter years of the 19th century. For almost 40 years, BRANA has also been managing the production and distribution of PepsiCo International products in Haiti. It covers popular soft drink brands, including 7up, Pepsi, and Teem.


However, BRANA is much more known for the production of famous Prestige beer. Prestige is an American-style lager that has become the only native beer in Haiti. Most people in Haiti love it. As a matter of fact, Prestige is the best-selling beer in the country, claiming 98% of the market share. Given its popularity in the market and the sales it has been generating, Prestige won the World Beer Cup for American-style lagers in 2000. Five years later, the company also started exporting the product to the United States but to selected cities only.

As BRANA continues to expand, it then partnered with Heineken International and Diageo. It started manufacturing Malta H and Guinness Irish stout. BRANA also distributes Diageo alcoholic products in Haiti. More products were added to BRANA's list, including King Kola soft drinks and Toro energy drink. From beer to soft drinks, BRANA also explored the bottled water industry, releasing its own product Crystal. Last year, BRANA was taken over by Heineken, which now owns 95% of the company.

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Carlos Casado says...

J'aimerai contacter avec Emilio Gomez, Sales Manager chez vous, toute fois que nous avons travaillé, il y a quelques ans dans la même conmpagnie: PASA-GALLINA BLANCA en Espagne.

Est-ce que vous pouvez le faire arriver ce message pour qu'il me contacte dans mon e-mail?

J'envissage de faire un voyage a Haiti.


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