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Rotchild Francois Jr Resigns as Minister of Communication

After more than 8 months as Minister of Communication, Rotchild Francois Jr says enough is enough. Although it appears that the decision was hard to make, the Minister of Communication has decided to leave his position after ongoing insults, unwelcome jokes that some would qualify as tasteless made by President Michel Martelly on his personality.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Evans Paul on September 15, Rotchild Francois Jr explained that the current working environment prevents him from doing his job with professionalism, something he had spend his entire career building.

As you may recollect, during the last CARIFESTA event in the Champ de Mars recently President Michel Martelly publicly ridiculed the function of Minister of Communication presently held by Rotchild Francois Jr. The president stated that Rotchild lies every day.

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Dominicans demand formal apology, Haiti says no way

Who will crack first? The Dominican Government declared that they will not seat down with the Haitian Government and discuss anything related to migration until the Haitian Government formally present an apology for the comments made by the Haitian President Michel Martelly at the Organization of American States recently and his Foreign Minister Lener Renauld.

The authorities stated that under no circumstances that they will accept the image of the Dominican Republic be affected as they are ready to defend their morals and respect.

On the other hand, Haitian authorities declined the request made by the Dominican Republic for a formal apology. According to the Communications Minister, Rotchild Francois Jr., "the Haitian government would not be apologizing to the Dominican Republic for charges it has made against it that have been proven true."

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