Joseph Lambert responded to charges leveled against him by Sherlson Sanon - Live Video

The presidential adviser and former Senator Southeast Joseph Lambert is back fighting for his reputation after the accusations of Sherlson Sanon that Mr. Lambert would be part of a gang involved in violent crimes and drug trafficking.


He said that the individual in question represent yet another attempt to kill him politically, especially on the eve of new elections in which he intends to participate.

The former Senator Southeast replied to implicating the Executive Director and program manager of the National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH), Pierre Esperance and Marie Yolene Gilles, accusing them of being behind this to discredit him. He criticizes the RNDDH, naming the rape case against Mr. Josué Pierre-Louis.

In regard to the murder of French Céline Moulier and his father, former senator Joseph Lambert stated that a court order was taken and the perpetrators are currently in prison.

He accuses Ms. Gilles to be involved in the "conspiracy" on behalf of his "lover"

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Subject: Joseph Lambert responded to charges leveled against him by Sherlson Sanon - Live Video edit

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