Thomazeau, Keep Hope Alive

Thomazeau, a small village in the Croix-des-Bouquets Arrondissement, is under the Ouest Department. The population, numbering 52,017, experiences grinding poverty. Many of the homesteads house up to 13 occupants, living in cramped spaces, with probably no electricity or running water.


However, one non-government organization (NGO), The New Life Community Project of Thomazeau (NLCPT), has been operating several programs to give the residents fresh hope. NLCPT is helping the villagers de-contaminate their drinking water, get healthcare services, and attend school. NLCPT has also opened an orphanage for abandoned children, attended to the community's spiritual needs, and offered funding for other programs.

Road infrastructure is abysmal in Thomazeau. Like other small villages in Haiti, the roads remain unpaved and dangerous, owing to enormous potholes. When heavy downpours happen during the rainy season, the roads cannot be navigated at all.

Being a small village, Thomazeau does not possess an airport. Aid workers wishing to return home must access Saint Cloud Municipal Heliport Airport, or travel farther to the Port-au-Prince International Airport.

The plight of small villages in Haiti is recounted with an unvarying theme, primarily the terrible road conditions that beset communities. If roads are impossible to travel on, that discourages more NGOs to come to areas that are in dire need of help. Billions of dollars of aid have been pledged to help rebuild Haiti. But pledges not being honored, misspending, and inability to make projects shovel-ready keep Haiti mired in the unbreakable curse of poverty. Is Haiti really open for business?

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