Haiti Government Replies to Jacques Roche Accusations

A formal denial from the government was delivered by Ady Jean Gardy, Minister of Communication in Port-au-Prince that in the year 2005, Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly, a musician and others had kidnapped, tortured and then killed Jacques Roche, a poet and journalist.


Accusations Made By Francoise Annick Joseph
Francoise Annick Joseph, the Artibonite/Inite Senator made the accusations. He stated that he had just recalled the news that in Haiti everyone knows about this. He states that Michel Martelly was a personality involved in the case in which Jacques Roche; a journalist was killed after being handcuffed, kidnapped, tortured and shot dead on 10th July 2005 in Port-au-Prince.

Attempts Made By the Minister of Communication
The 2005 events were recalled and attempts were made by Ady Jean Gardy, the Communication's Minister that the President of Haiti should be separated from the accusations. This he pointed out after the reactions of musicians, artists, singers and poets once the news of the abduction of Jacques Roche broke out. Ady Jean Gardy states that solidarity was shown by all with Roche. They were raising funds for paying the US $250,0000 ransom, the kidnappers demanded.

Charges Levied On the Artists
Some of the artists were charged with involvement in the murder by Latortue government for having the achieving the ransom coordinated. Sweet Micky stated they were involved only in the negotiations made to free the poet cum journalist.

Michel Martelly's Connections with the Journalist's Family
As stated by the Minister of Communication, Chery Beauburn and Alby Joseph, killers of the journalist who had been arrested and then sentenced on 30th August 2007 for a life imprisonment, had testified to the solidarity movement that artists from Haiti made for the journalist who was killed. As stated by the murderers, only $10,000, were accumulated by them.

The government of Haiti continues to state that Michel Martelly has connections with the family of the journalist who was murdered and that all efforts would be made to ensure that the rule of the law, required for maintaining sustainable development and public peace in the nation would continue.

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