Maniche Village in Haiti

Maniche, a city-ship located within the Les Cayes Arrondissement, is under the Sud Department. Three divisions comprise the arrondissement: Melon, Dory, and Maniche. Maniche has a very small population of 7,380 residents, and sits in the western-central plain of the Haitian peninsula.


Maniche suffers from a very poorly-developed road system. Roads remain unpaved with only scattered pebbles and gravel to provide traction for vehicular traffic, usually four-wheel drives. Despite the condition of its transit infrastructure, the village sports a welcome sign for all visitors arriving there.

Maniche lies upon a verdant plain, not far from nearby hills and mountain peaks ringing the tiny village with dense foliage and plentiful tree stands. A surfeit of coconut trees also populates the terrain.

Maniche contains a bustling merchant district with produce markets, local specialty-food vendors, and arts and crafts retail stores. During market hours on certain days, the only vehicles that can navigate the village streets are flat-bed trucks and jitney buses. On other days, donkeys bear travelers and cargo through the streets.

Being a poor community, the children are without the simplest playthings such as a rag doll or a set of jacks. They invent play objects out of such materials as stones. They are also tasked with heavy labor, toting pails of water for drinking and washing.

Agriculture is the main economic activity in Maniche. Farmlands produce citrus fruits, melons, pineapples, corn, and rice. At each year's end, the village church hosts a merchant fair where locally-produced wines and spirits are offered for sale.

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