Saint-Louis-Du-Sud A Location To Stir Anyone's Heart, In Haiti

Saint-Louis-du-Sud, a municipality in Haiti's Sud department is located in the Aquin Arrondissement. Around 52,300 people inhabit the place. It is the gateway to the capital of Haiti's South Department of Les Cayes. It overlooks the huge Atlantic Ocean and the Canal de L'est.


What You Get To See At Saint-Louis-Du-Sud

Saint-Louis-du-Sud is endowed with clean white sand beaches that can stir the heart of almost anyone. The Dumesle Bay is a cool bay to visit in Saint-Louis-du-Sud. From the shores of this place at a distance of a few hundred meters is situated the Fort Anglais, another interesting destination for tourists. A canoe or boat can be used to reach the small island.

Ruins of an English fort of the eighteenth century can be seen here. On the outskirts of Saint-Louis-du-Sud is a French fort, called Fort de Oliviers which displays various armor and canons. Retail shops can be seen on the boulevards. There is a library, police station and public park in Saint-Louis-du-Sud. Certain public shelters are in bad state but the rest of them are well kept.

What To Enjoy At Saint-Louis-Du-Sud

People living in Saint-Louis-du-Sud are not rich really. The exotic local cuisine enriched with pure coconut oil and swigs of lemonade available can satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst.

Transportation and Occupation

While some of the roads are paved, the rest of the roads are not. Some of the people prefer to use bicycles in the local areas while the rest prefer to walk. In February 2012 the town's mayor made demands to get the national grid and the town connected, thereby ensuring constant electrical supply to the entire town. To make the town modern, further development is required.

Fishing is the main occupation for the people here and hence the art of fishing comes naturally to them. In the local market you can get nice fresh fish which is not only traded to earn money but also consumed by the locals.

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