Wyclef abandoned Martelly's team to support Jude Célestin

The Haitian superstar Wyclef Jean has made a major shift in his political choice. A a major supporter of Michel Martelly and the Tet kale party 5 years ago, he has decided to throw his support thsi time behind Jude Celestin of LAPEH. Does that mean Wyclef Jean was not happy with Michel Martelly?


Wyclef Jean Endorse Jude Célestin,LAPEH #31

As an artist, Wyclef thinks that the best for him to make his position known is to write a new song. He took the opportunity to make the announcement on his birthday October 17 which is also the day we commemorate the death of father of our nation Jean jacques Dessalines

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Subject: Wyclef abandoned Martelly's team to support Jude Celestin edit

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