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Re: The List Of Potential Rouzier Cabinet Members Is Out. See It Here...

According to me it would be betther if they selected a an expert in agruculture to lead the agriculture ministry stead of an historian. it is time to put the right person at the... more »

Re: List Of CEP Members Not Allowed To Leave The Country

and the fight goes on.............. The CEP was not good for the country to begin with. Agroup of oportunists taking advantage of a situation more »

Re: Provisional Electoral Commission(CEP) Does Miracle With Legislative...

I don't know what to say.U.S in 2000 more »

Re: Major Changes In Haiti Political Landscape With The Election Of...

tell about a place where mankind never fight?cane and abel?jacob and esau?france had to "guillotine" the king stop minimize haiti more »

Re: Funeral Announcement For All Traditional Haitian Politicians - Burial...

it took a lot time to get there,a lot.1915 1957 1971 1986 1991 2004 but I'm happy to see that we moving forward politically an I'm sure good days are ahead.long live haiti I... more »

RE: Michel Martelly 67.57% & Mirlande Manigat 33.74%

songe l'union fait la force. Haiti will survive and will become strong again. A country does not die more »

RE: Canadian Government Faired Jean-Bertrand Aristide Return After...

you got that right.we need to learn to live with that reality more »

RE: How Haiti Can Make Good Use Of All These Former Presidents

man in 1991 J.B.A. was the first elected haitian president he should been like madela but we know how destroy or we know how to let people destroy what we have(T. louverture our... more »

haiti's problem

can anyone tell me why haiti suffer so much past and present? are we all at fault?or is it some of us?or is it the past heads of state? or just the fact that we are a small... more »

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