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Jacques Ketant in Haiti with over 50 Deported

coeur gain de noune sote enfin nouap suivre ca qui pral passer more »

Michel Martelly, a frustrated president now relying on insulting women

moin pas saisi pou ca bourrique st domingue li te met habille mais quon midi foc li renni moin vini appren yon bagay nan la vie ca ce leu ou pral mande moune service ou besoin... more »

Minister Fresner Dorcin aggressed by Charles St Remy (Kiko)

pa gain ca piece cote li pral remplacer lagent li sot bay kiko a ce pou li remplacer avant apres li va quitter ca more »

RE: Vle Pa Vle, Fo Lale, an Ongoing Theme in Haitian Protest

most of the people who manifeste they dont'have job manifeste is their job le depute alredy cash 3 yerars checks if he get fire noproblem can people manifeste in u.s.a where else... more »

RE: Extraction Order issued to escort Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Court Tomorrow

qui vivra vera il n'est que d'attendre more »

RE: Should there be a State National Funeral for Jean Claude Duvalier?

yes he was president for 14 years and the world wasalute him like a president event the guiness book say its was the yougest president in the world more »

RE: Jean Claude Duvalier is dead, caused by a Heart attack

c'est une lois de la nature chacun doit a son tour nul n'echappe more »

Should UN Soldiers be responsible for the children they left behind in Haiti?

yo connin nan qui group yo soti le yo quite pays a mes mdame fait pou aller cote chef yo e mande pou payer child support gan yo fait sa iciaun u s a aiti pas gai welfaire ca se... more »

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