43,781 Haitians in Brazil to receive Permanent Residence

The Brazilian government has decided to give permanent residence to 43,781 Haitians immigrants who have entered the country within the past five years. According to a plan approved by both the ministers of justice and labor, all undocumented Haitians will be able to remain in the country and find employment.


Haitian Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil

The upgraded status will provide the Haitians permanency in Brazil where they can reside and enjoy all the rights of a foreigner living permanently in Brazil, according to the ministers of justice, Jose Eduardo Cardozo. Among those rights: eligibility for government assistance.

43.781 Ayisyen imigran nan peyi Brezil ap resevwa Rezidans pèmanan

Gouvènman brezilyen an deside bay rezidans pèmanan a 43.781 Ayisyen imigran ki te rantre nan peyi a nan lespas senk ane ki sot pase. Dapre yon plan ki te apwouve pa minis nan jistis ak travay, tout Ayisyen san papye yo pral kapab rete nan peyi a epi jwenn travay.

Ayisyen nan Brezil ka abite ak jwi tout dwa yo lòt nasyon ape jwi. Pami dwa sa yo: kalifikasyon pou asistans gouvènman.

Ki sda ou panse:

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Shime says...

au moin yo pa en exil si yo trouve travail et yo vle fais on tour la caill yom capab aller et

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Bertha Bouquet says...

Bravo Brazil that's very good god bless the government and Brazil thanks

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