Did you know that Chile has a family reunification program for Haitians?

The Chilean Government recognizes the importance of Haitian workers to their economy. They are encouraging more immigration of Haitian citizens with the establishment of a family reunification program that has been in place since July 2, 2018.


How does it works?

The application process begins in Chile where the Haitian citizen living and working there must write a certified letter requesting family reunification. Then, the applicant in Chile needs to contact the office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM in Haiti) to follow up.

Here is how to contact IOM in Haiti:
- Phones : 2947-7746/ 2991-0362 /2997-7566
- Email : haiticavc@iom.int

In 2002, Chile's National Census found that there were 50 Haitians in Chile. The Census of 2017 shows a big jump in number as such population rose to 64,567 Haitians. The current statistics are more surprising--the number of the Haitian population in Chile hovers around 150,000. It is about 10% of Chile's migrant population, next to 12% of Venezuelans. Recently, IOM (International Organization for Migration), the UN Migration Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to help Haitian migrants find legal pathways and facilitate issuing family reunification visas so that Haitians can meet their relatives residing in Chile. The application process has already started in Chile, where the Haitian citizens living and working have to write a certified letter requesting for family reunification and contact the office of the International Organization for Migration in Haiti to follow up. During the first week of August 2018, the IOM signed an agreement with the Chilean government to provide administrative support services to help Haitians wishing to visit the country through the family reunification visa.

The visa section in Port-au-Prince has a current capacity to process minimum 40 visa applications per day. We may recall that in last April, the Chilean Conservative President Sebastián Piñera talked about offering legal status for Haitians visiting Chile. On Monday, July 2, 2018, the Chilean Chancellor Roberto Ampuero confirmed that Haitians in Chile with a legal status (regularized) can apply for a humanitarian visa for family reunification. The visa allows a stay of 12 months. The quota is set for Haiti at 10,000 visas each year. This visa is renewable once and then allows to apply for permanent residence in Chile. The applicant has to submit the following documents along with his/her visa application: an extract of criminal record and a medical certificate ensuring that the applicant does not carry any infectious diseases (many diseases present in Haiti have been eradicated in Chile). The VISA fees at IOM in Haiti is US$73 and the delivery of the document by the Chilean Consulate in Haiti is US$25 extra.

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Charles says...

we should be grateful for all the countries that accept us with loving arms.

we should also built a better taxes system like usa America has in all the countries in Haiti, and provide more opportunities that will allow others to make more jobs for

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