Informative Marketing and Advertising in the Haitian Community

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There are three main purposes for advertising. They can be used to inform, persuade, or remind potential customers

Our Informative advertising program helps you to deliver your message with the intent to inform the Haitian public about the benefits offered by your product or company. Our reach is world wide.

The goal is for you to contribute in the education the Haitian public not only about your product but to povide useful tips that can be of interest to them and at the same time estabishing yourself as a resource in the field. Depending on the product, you can build an image for your product, informing your potential customers of services offered, and correcting mistaken impressions if necessary. By raising interest and awareness, this will help the potential consumers to make a better informed decisision

What can you use Informative Advertising?

Informative Advertising makes sence in the following circumstances:

1) to educate the public about your product

2) inform the public about your accomplishment

3) Informing the public about your new product (book, CD, Videos, etc.)

Companies should make informing customers their priority when they are introducing an unfamiliar product or service to the market. Other reasons for using informative advertising is when company sells complex solution that is difficult for the target market to understand. In these instances, persuading customers to buy your particular product is difficult if they do not understand it.

Roland Berthold
Specialized in Informative Advertising
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I am happy to finally find a brother who knows what he is talking about "Congratulation Brother" I am in the process of putting together an organization to help educate brother and sisters how to protect their family financially and I am looking for some individuals with talent to do the work from our community Please help find

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I would like to use your service.

Please tell me your average price.The reason is that I would like to plan ahead.

I am going to use.your service very shortly.

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