Tips to Save Money on Back to School Supplies & Shopping List

For most, 'Back to School' means returning to school from a summer or winter break. However, in merchandising, it is the period in which students and their parents purchase school supplies and apparel for the upcoming school year-- it is a time when the items like school supplies, children's, and young adults' clothing goes on sale. The 'back to school' period, usually lasts from mid-July through early/mid-September, before the school year starts.


1. Avoid Buying Trendier Gear: They get out of fashion very quickly. When your kids will see their friends are using another kind, they'll beg you to upgrade them, and that only results become wasted cash.

2. Check Your Child's Backpack First Before Going Shopping: You might be happily surprised to find many items still have plenty of life left. So shop at home first.

3. Get "in the Know" Before You Go: Make a list, check it twice and stick to the list. But before that, you need to know two things: what you need, and what you already have on hand.

4. Set Price Alerts on Expensive Items: Check prices of costly items at different stores whether offline or online. This is worth examining so that you know what price point to aim for.

5. Avoid Buying All Supplies From One Store: Try to keep ample time in your hand so that you can find the best deals.

6. Shop at the End-of-Summer Sales: It could be the best time to shop at great discounts. Avoid peak times and buy after the rush, when items often go on sale for 50%-75% off retail prices.

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