Jude Celestin di li pap batay ak Jovenel pou kont li

Woy!, Koòdonatè Jeneral nan Lapeh, Senatè Jean Hector Anacasicis, deklare ke Jude Celestin pa ka ale nan batay sa ak Jovenel Moise pou kont li. L'ap pran tan ki nesesè pou yo travay avèk gwoup G8 la pou yo vini avèk yon fwon ini. Tanpri, di Jude ke li gen yon tan trè limite pou renmèt lide li?


The General Coordinator of Lapeh, Senator Jean Hector Anacasicis, stated that Jude Celestin can't and won't go to this fight with Jovenel Moise by himself. He will take the time necessary to work with the G8 group to come with a united front. Can someone please tell Jude that he has a very limited time to make up his mind?

Ki sa ou panse?

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Subject: Jude Celestin di li pap batay ak Jovenel pou kont li edit

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