National Lottery and individual contribution proposed to finance Haiti election

The international community doesn't want to fund our next presidential election, no problem. The new Director of Haiti State run National Lottery, Ms. Margareth Fortune believes that we can pay for our own election with fund from the Haiti National Lottery. On the other hand, the former candidate for Platfom Jistis, Andre Michel, thinks that the decision taken by the American government not to help with the election is not a bad decision. The Haitian government should open a special account at the BNC to receive contributions from Haitian citizens inside or outside of the country to help in financing the election. According to the former candidate, the country will take this opportunity to set up process to take back its sovereignty.


Do you think that between the National Lottery and individual contribution, Haiti can find enough money to fund the next election?

What do you think?

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Andt says...

I think it would be stupid for any Haitian living outside to send money to those people cause they are the reason why this country in that position( yon paket iletre deye pouvwa ak intere poch yo) we don't want none of them until they come together to have 3 party group we as Haitian outside of the country won't send no

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Subject: National Lottery and individual contribution proposed to finance Haiti election edit

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