Emmanor Deroneth: Vice-Delegate, District of Belle-Anse

Haiti's Martelly administration has just announced its new vice-delegates in the country's South East. Last July 13, Jean Helson Royal, Joseph Ponyon, and Emmanor Déroneth were formally proclaimed in front of Haitian political figures by the Dean of the Court of First Instance of Jacmel's Adeline Dougé François. These three were chosen by Haitian President Joseph Michel Martelly himself. For the development of the small district of Belle-Anse, Déroneth is up for the job.


Déroneth will be serving about 110,000 Haitians and four municipalities in the government's mission for economic growth and social stability, as well as more responsible and effective governance. Despite criticisms made by other officials on his appointment due to him not being born in Belle-Anse, the new vice-delegate is ready to face the challenges he and his two colleagues are going to face together for the sake of the welfare of their districts and the entire South East region.

Déroneth, Royal, and Ponyon were sworn into office during the ceremony in the town of Jacmel's Court of First Instance. Several Haitian political personalities such as South East's first senator Edwin Daniel Zenny, Departmental Delegate Pierre Michel Lafontant and the South East's Departmental Director of the Police Sagesse Ovilmar serve as witnesses to this important event. Hopefully, the three new public servants will be able to unify the South East and strengthen the region's economy. This could be an advantageous big step for the government in general and will probably have a positive domino effect on Haiti's other departments.

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