Miami Mini Bus, a Miami-Dade's jitneys

They are number of mini buses which are referred to as Miami-Dade's jitneys. The term ''jitney'' means a five-cent piece in Haiti; this was the cost of a ride on the vehicle. Many people prefer Miami Mini Bus because of their availability and convenience.


In addition, the fares are reasonable as compared to other means of transport. The jitneys have no fixed schedules; instead they are flexible and zoom by after around every five minutes. They have routes throughout the county; they make stops anytime they are asked to. Their sizes make it possible for them to maneuver in traffic unlike the big buses.

Miami Mini Bus, has however some drawbacks. According to Rodriguez, "They're often cramped, sometimes stiflingly hot, and on some days, boisterous discussions break out". The companies are experiencing the same economic difficulties as everyone else in Haiti. As much as jitney's owner Daniel Fils-Aime has gained, he believes he's lost at least as many regular passengers who have been laid off. Fils-Aime, who is the manager for the Bus, feels that the economic crisis in Haiti has affected everybody. He says that the fuel prices have gone up and with the growing number of unemployed people, the transport becomes unaffordable.

Perez, one of the county regulators fears that the jitney system might be a fading business because Metro-buses and trains are reaching places that they were not reaching in the past. She says that fewer people are taking the jitney now than before. Jitneys are not allowed in Broward County, according to its transit department. The Miami Mini Bus management does not plan to raise the fare because this will worsen the situation. Should they do, they will lose more customers.

Miami Mini Bus, jitney, transportation
One low cost form of transportation in Dade County is the Miami Mini Bus which is also known as the jitney.

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