FLASH - TPS pou Ayisyen pwolonje pou 6 Mwa.

Gouvènman Ameriken pran desizyon jodi a pou pwolonje TPS pou Ayisyen pou pou 6 Mwa.Se sa ke Depatman Homeland di jodia. kòm yon rezilta, 58,000 Ayisyen ki te resevwa pwoteksyon kont depòtasyon ap kapab rete legalman isit pou 6 Mwa anko


Breaking News - TPS for Haitians extended for 6 more Months.

Haitians in the United States who have been able to remain legal as a result of the Temporary Protected Status for Haitians (TPS) will be able to remain legal in the country for another six (6) months. This is what Wilson learned from the Government and immediately reported to Miami Herald. It is official. Wilson informed Miami Herald that the decision was just made public, this Monday (5/22/17) by The Department of Homeland Security.

As of today, the 58,000 Haitians that received protection from deportation since their homeland was devastated by an earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010 are able to renew ther TPS for six months or until.

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Raymond Lafontant says...

One should see if this 6 months is the time given to prepare luggage.

they may need an answer to this

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Franck Desir says...

this is a great news for our

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Subject: FLASH - TPS pou Ayisyen pwolonje pou 6 Mwa. edit

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