François Makandal or "Macandal" a Maroon Leader

In 1750s, free mulattoes and blacks starts to amass power and wealth. Many secure plantations, particularly coffee plantations in the South and the West. In 1759, there is Makandal Conspiracy. Francois Macandal, a maroon leader, conspires a plot that is to spread to all corners of the colony of poisoning the whites in the North. It all begins in the North, with the vast network of Makandal collaborators, particularly trusted domestic workers, starting to poison the households of their masters, including those slaves who cannot be trusted. There is a frantic search by the whites on the nature and cause of the illnesses and death. A female slave is interrogated, and she betrays the rebel leader. A massive manhunt is launched by the planters.


In March 1758, makandal is executed. Makandal is burned at the stake in the middle of the square in Le Cap by the Colonists. Slaves are brought by their owners and forced to watch. Even though they witnessed his death, most of the slaves hold on the immortality of Makandal and he thus becomes an inspirational figure for the slave throughout the revolution.

Between 1763 and 1768, the whites start to control the affranchise as their population alongside power and wealth grows. Affranchis was composed of free mulattoes. They threaten the power structure of the colony, as they became influential landowners in the colony. The whites are forced to design legislation in order to frustrate their ambitions. The whites thus forbid the affranchise from holding public office, travel, gamble, practice privileged trades, or enter France.

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