Grèv annonce pou Lendi 7 Desanm anile, oppopsition pè enfiltrasyon

Dirigants Tab mobilizasyon oppopsition Demokratik ki te kreye pa canditats G8, nan yon konferans pou laprès ki te bay Dimance sa a, anile grèv sa ki te pwograme pou jodi Lendi, 7 Desanm 2015. Dapre aktivis sa yo, yo te resevwa enfòmasyon ke pouvwa Tet Kale ape fè yon manèv enfiltrasyon kote ke yo ape planifye commetre vyolans epi mete responsablite a sou opozisyon an.


Hospital of the State University of Haiti(HUEH) on Strike

The strike scheduled for today, (Monday, December 7, 2015) has been cancelled by the opposition.

The organizers of the Democratic oppopsition created by the canditats of G8, at a press conference on Dimance announced the cancellation of a general strike that was scheduled for today Monday, 7 December 2015 in Haiti.

According to these activists, they received compelling information that the Tet Kale government is in the process of planning to conduct some violence and placing responsibility on the opposition.

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Subject: Grev annonce pou Lendi 7 Desanm anile, oppopsition pe enfiltrasyon edit

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