Haiti Hospitality, Construction, Tourism Sectors to Receive Help

Haiti President Martelly is pursuing support from CARICOM to re-build Haiti's infrastructure. And he is also seeking job opportunities in vocational careers for students unable to afford a university education.


Responding, Antiguan Prime Minister Spencer has offered scholarships for its Hospitality Training Institute (HTI) for students interested in the hospitality industry. To make an official declaration of the scholarship program, HTI and the Haiti Ministry of Tourism will put their signatures to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Spencer indicated Antigua has a policy of offering scholarships to Caribbean countries afflicted by
natural disasters.

Digressing, he spoke about efforts to get Haiti started on a path of recovery, by sharing human resources with the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). The EPA will provide construction and tangential services for large-scale re-development projects, in return for agriculture exports from Haiti. President Martelly verified Haiti has only begun to chip away at repairing and re-building its architecture, especially Port-au-Prince's. Nearly all projects will need to be built from the ground up.

In terms of tourism, Martelly wants to exchange resources with Antigua. He notes Antigua has a thriving tourist industry and Haiti could benefit from their expertise. In return, Haiti's skilled artisans could produce an arts, crafts, and music festival in Antigua.

Martelly stressed how this joint effort ". . . should form the basis of an overarching MOU between the two countries." Focused on making Haiti an equal partner in CARICOM, he says MOU is another example showing Haiti's ability to forge partnerships with other nations that benefit both.

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Subject: Haiti Hospitality, Construction, Tourism Sectors to Receive Help edit

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