Haiti to be the First with a Floating City

A plan to build a Floating city in Haiti is just a dream now. In a few years, this can become a reality.


Tangram 3DS, in collaboration with Boston Architect and Designer E. Kevin Schopfer want to create the first Floating City in Haiti, Harvest City. This Floating City is to be located off the shores of Haiti and provide agriculture and light industries to the residents.

This is Haiti's opportunity to take a giant step into the future

This is how the Floating City, Harvest City, on the coast of Haiti

The location, described as low profile, dead weight capacity, and perimeter wave attenuators, is the ideal place for the floating city, the first of a kind in the world. The Floating city will be two miles long and divided into four zones. Each zone will have neighborhood story complexes and the perimeter of the floating city will have marketplaces, schools and community services.

The floating city on the shores of Haiti is expected to be the most advanced architectural breakthrough since the invention of skyscraper. Although the Floating city will not be able to replicate our beautiful hills, this project would offer the visitors of the Caribbean a new and exciting site to visit, a must see to anyone visiting the Caribbean.

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