Haitian-born lawyer, artist Stéphane Moraille to announce candidacy in Montreal riding of Bourassa

The coming Bourassa by-election has shown that Haitian people are becoming more politically active. The soulful voice of Bran Van 3000 Stéphane Moraille, a mother, music lover and an experienced lawyer with expertise in copyright law has confirmed that she will seek nomination of New Democratic and use her voice for the exclusive use of the people of Bourassa. She further added that an MP should be in tune with the aspirations of all the citizens. The concern of a common family should be considered indifferently as the concern for the country as a whole. Her candidacy will be confirmed if she clears the highly competitive NDP nomination.


Stéphane Moraille, Bran Van 3000 singer, seeks Montreal NDP nod

NDP has no previous good record in election before the candidacy of Stéphane Moraille. Although the Liberals won in 2011, the share of NDP vote has gone up gradually in every campaign. The Liberal party has picked up a candidate with Haitian origin named Emmanuel Dubourg who is a former Liberal MNA from the provincial riding of Viau. He is a Chartered Accountant, emigrated to Canada from Haiti in 1974. The nomination meeting is scheduled to be held on 8 September, 2013, the candidacy of Dubourg has remained unopposed so far.

The third candidate on the race is former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque, a confirmed candidate from Green Party. He is the eldest son of one Haitian immigrant, Laraque, popular among the French Canadians, well conversant in English, French and Creole. There are others who are also running for the nomination- Larry Rousseau, vice-president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada and Julie Demers from NDP.

Every candidate is hopeful on their chances to win because they are confident on the people they represent. However, nobody, including Stéphane Moraille should take others granted only because he represents a specific sect or a domicile or resident of Haiti for a long period--voters are more concerned about having someone who will speak and work for them.

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Subject: Haitian-born lawyer, artist Stephane Moraille to announce candidacy in Montreal riding of Bourassa edit

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