Haitian Government Members not to submit requested documents unless there is a court order

The government of Haiti has taken a stand on the request by the Senate Committee responsible to investigate the nationality of President Michel Martelly and members of the Haitian government. The Haitian Government has instructed all members of his government to refrain from submitting the requested documents. The Press Office of the Martelly government stated that unless there is a Court Order requiring them to submit travel documents, it will not happen.


"Me Zanmi, Ala Yon Payi Gin Bandi"

According to a report, President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Garry Conille on Monday headed a Ministers' Concil meeting at the National Palace. They reviewed the request made by members of the Haitian congress requiring for all members of the government to prove their Haitian nationality by submitting passports. The government concluded that unless there is a court order requires them to do so, they will not do so.

"Ki Moun Ki Prale Bay Yon Lod Konca"

The Government stated that all these document were already submitted by the President and prime Minister. As the Haitian Law requires, Michel Martelly submitted his documents prior to running for president, and Prime Minister Garry Conille, prior to being ratified by the Senate and the Congress

"Ala Trak Pou Ti Payim Sa "

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Gina says...

I can only see one thing coming.

My country Haiti is going to have a hard time in the next few months.Some one will have to takethe higher ground to save Haiti

Do you know we have spent more than 2000 years doing exactly what we ae doing now. Just look around us that has been the result so

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Subject: Haitian Government Members not to submit requested documents unless there is a court order edit

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