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Martelly said Lamothe has Foreign Citizenship, confirmed Deputy Sorel Jacinthe

In a meeting president Michel Martelly is rumored to have admitted prime Minister-designate Laurent Lamothe had foreign nationality. Deputy Sorel Jacinthe had confirmed the rumors but when pursued on the issue he declined to comment. The meeting was first leaked by Senator Jean-Charles. It took place when the former prime minister resigned. Jean-Charles said that the meeting took place after the fall of Daniel Rouzier, Martelly's first choice of a Prime Minister in the summer of 2011.

When the president was asked about the designation of Laurent Lamothe for Prime Minister the president said that he could choose Lamothe because he held citizenship in a foreign country. Deputy Sorel Jacinthe confirmed that President Martelly indeed made this revelation. All this is happening when Laurent is about to be sworn in as prime minister for the region as he was already sworn in by the senate on Tuesday night.

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November 21, 2007, the flight that did not take place for Michel Martelly

What is going on? Wasn't the decision for President Michel Martelly to finally give his passport as proof that he is in fact a Haitian citizen take care of any doubt? What is the deal with November 21, 2007?

On Thursday, President Michel Martelly accompanied by representatives of several religious groups in Haiti and by U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Kenneth Merten, made a public presentation to the press of 8 passports. President Michel Martelly hoped that these passports given to the Haitian senate for verification would put the question about his nationality to rest once and for all.

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President Michel Martelly finally showed proof of Haitian Passport

The president of Haiti, Michel Martelly displayed his Haitian passport in a meeting to prove that he is in fact "Haitian Tet Kale". President Michel Martelly was accused first by Haitian Senator Moise Jean-Charles that he had renounced his Haitian citizenship and that he hold two foreign nationalities, that of the Italy and the United States. A Senate committee was created to investigate on his nationality.

The president had been saying all along that he his a Haitian and never renounced of his nationality. He also stated that he would never show his passport and that the passport would stay in his pocket.

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Haitian Government Members not to submit requested documents unless there is a court order

The government of Haiti has taken a stand on the request by the Senate Committee responsible to investigate the nationality of President Michel Martelly and members of the Haitian government. The Haitian Government has instructed all members of his government to refrain from submitting the requested documents. The Press Office of the Martelly government stated that unless there is a Court Order requiring them to submit travel documents, it will not happen.

"Me Zanmi, Ala Yon Payi Gin Bandi"

According to a report, President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Garry Conille on Monday headed a Ministers' Concil meeting at the National Palace. They reviewed the request made by members of the Haitian congress requiring for all members of the government to prove their Haitian nationality by submitting passports. The government concluded that unless there is a court order requires them to do so, they will not do so.

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American Embassy, USA Passport PUSA0439112330 not for Haitian president Michel Martelly

The ball is now in the court of Senator Moise Jean Charles as the American embassy in Haiti has released a letter putting doubt in the allegation of that Haitian President Michel Martelly is an American citizen. The US Embassy in Port-au-Prince denied the claim that USA Passport number PUSA0439112330 belongs to the Haitian president Michel Martelly.

The US Embassy, however did not say whether or not Michel Martelly is an American citizen.

On the other hand, Senator Moise Jean Charles who has been quiet for the past few weeks came out after the release of the letter from the US embassy to defend his claim. According to the the Haitian Senator, the letter from the US embassy did not help the president only support his claim that President Michel Martelly is American.

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President Michel Martell talked about passport at Airport before leaving on official visit

President Michel Martelly held a news conference on Friday, February 3rd, before leaving for an official visit. In the news conference, he discussed several issues, including the incident that took place at the residence of Prime Minister Garry Conille, his passport being requested by the senate committee and other issues.

Here is a brief summary on his response about the the matter related to his passport: "For those who are still talking about my passport, it is unfortunate. There is no law that gives anyone or any institution any right to ask the executive government report on his passport. The passport will stay right where it is.

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Is President Michel Martelly a Haitian, American or an Italian?

According to the Senator of North, Moise Jean-Charles, The Haitian president in deed has renounced to his Haitian nationality in the past. Michel Martelly in possession of American and Italian citizenship, says Moise Jean-Charles.

Senator Moise Jean-Charles is so certain of his allegation that is already advocating for the removal of President Michel Martelly from office.

"Today is the end for President Martelly, too long he lied to the people, the truth is now clear, leaving only his removal," said Senator Jean-Charles.

The extent and detail of the dossier is unknown at present; however Senator Moise Jean-Charles already released his dossier proving that President Michel Martelly is in possession of American and Italian citizenship

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Senator Moise Jean-Charles has not filed documents regarding citizenship of President Michel Martell

It has been reported that that Senator Moise Jean-Charles who accused President Michel Martelly and some of his cabinet members for holding foreign nationalities has not filed any documents to the senate commission investigating the nationality of President Michel Martelly and members of the Haitian government.

According to Radio Signal FM, Buissereth who is a member of the investigation commission, indicated that Senator Moise Jean-Charles only sent a letter to the commission in which he recorded information that would have two passports thatPresident Michel Martelly holds.

On Monday, January 16, 2012, Senator Moïse Jean-Charles announced that he filed documents proving that President Michel Martelly is a U.S. and Italian citizen.

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