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It has been a slow but eventual road to recovery for the sisters and students of the Institution du Sacré-Coeur de Turgeau. Ever since the January 2010 earthquake, which, in less than a minute, took down the old Sacred Heart in its entirety save for the gymnasium, the rebuilding process has been in progress. Now, the school can celebrate its brand new infrastructure, including the secondary school completed last year--with plans for three other modules to follow--, but there were many steps along the way to the restoration of the Institute of the Sacred-Heart.


The first months of recovery were trying to say the least with all but the gym decimated. Classes at Institution du Sacré-Coeur Turgeau weren't resumed until April of 2010, the months of February and March being used to clear the site of debris and for the erection of the tents donated by UNICEF. These tents, with their floors of tarpaulin, would become the classrooms, chapel and offices of the school for the next many months. Their perseverance shows in the commencement of their August graduations, held within the beautifully decorated gym that showed little of the rubble on the outside.

By September of 2010, foundations were built and tents were replaced by the temporary structures that would be the main buildings for Institution du Sacré-Coeur Turgeau until funding, gathered from the contribution of alumni, parents, The Daughters of Wisdom and other groups, allowed the building of more permanent structures of a new kind of construction.

With the motto, 'To Serve God, the Church and the homeland,' Les Filles de la Sagesse continued to bustle through their time of tragedy, with a determination that made their success a sweeter victory. Teaching the girls under their wing, through it all, that persistence, faith and courage can accomplish many things.

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