Another potential Health threat menacing Haiti, avian flu or H1N1

Following the warning from the Ministry of Public Health and Population in the Dominican Republic regarding the reappearance of avian flu (H1N1 virus) in their country, the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Haiti took its own precaution to protect the Haitian population.


Effective immediately, the Haitians government has instituted a ban. Importers and retailers of meat products, particularly poultry, eggs and live animals potentially infected or carriers of the Avian Flu from the Dominican Republic are prohibited from carrying these products until further order.

Can Haiti afford to be affected by Avian Flu? As we are currently dealing with the Cholera epidemic inherited from the Nepalese contingent of UN peacekeeping MINUSTAH, Haiti is faced with a new health threat.

No cases have been detected so far in Haiti, which is not the case for the Dominican Republic where 8 cases of avian flu (H1N1 virus) have already been confirmation.

Some basic information about avian flu:
Avian influenza or the avian flu or H5N1 is the various forms of the virus of influenza that infects mainly birds, wild and domestic. An H5N1 strain of Avian influenza virus was identified in 2004 to be transmissible to humans.

The infection can cause all sorts of symptoms but mostly severe respiratory problem in humans. In most cases, those infected had close contact with infected poultry or with objects contaminated by their feces.

At present, the virus could mutate creating a highly lethal pandemic. Since 2004, it is estimated that the avian flu has already killed several hundred million people all over the world.

Agents of Transmission include infected material such as eggs, by-products of poultry, infected feces and contamination by other birds. Since its discovery, the outbreak of H5N1 has been concentrated around affected birds and especially poultry.

Possibility for a Pandemic:
To become a pandemic, the virus is supposed to happen in mutant by a man closer to intermediate host such as a pig or a chicken for example.

Means of protection:
The two main protections against avian flu or H5N1 are masks protecting from the avian flu and vaccines.

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Subject: Another potential Health threat menacing Haiti, avian flu or H1N1 edit

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